Chezy Champs 2018 in Slow Motion

I had a lot of fun recording stuff in Slo-Mo this last weekend and have finally uploaded most of it where I can share it. I do have higher quality copies that have been less compressed if you find something you or your team really wants the original of we can come up with a way to share it.

I present to you my Google Photos Album of Chezy Champs slowed way down

Great video!!!
My personal favorite
Thanks for sharing

I wonder why. Just let me know if you would like the Original.

I also think people can leave comments on the videos, so feel free to tag teams in them I don’t mind.

Thanks for taking these, Devin.
If only we had similar slo-mo of a certain absurdly fast thing we did a few years ago…

Lots of cool auto shots, but my favorite is definitely 3250’s harpoon. Its geometry makes a lot of sense and the slow motion helps explain it well. Definitely something we’ll be reviewing for future harpoon iterations.