Chezy Champs 2018


Team 254 Presents: Chezy Champs

When: Saturday & Sunday, September 29-30, 2018 (With Friday Night Load-In)
Where: Bellarmine College Prep, San Jose, California
Registration: $300 ($600 for field-side pit)

Team 254 is excited to announce that Chezy Champs is returning for the fifth year! This will be an off-season FRC tournament and we will be playing the 2018 FRC game, Power Up, with some modifications. As in past years, the focus of the event is on the team experience and we hope teams will have a great time while enjoying an entertaining show.

Fill out this application form. If more teams than we have room for apply before the deadline, selections will be made based on criteria that include competitiveness, locality, and other factors. Applications after June 11 will be placed on a wait list in case we have room or dropouts.

Application Open: May 21
Application Closed: June 11
Invitations Sent: June 15

We need many volunteers to make Chezy Champs a success! If you are interested in helping out, please fill out this form.

More information is available on the event website.


Excited as always for one of my favorite events of the year!


Sad I’m going to miss this one, I’ll be on the other coast.

It was always a great time, the 254 folks put on a great event and I’ve been honored to work with them the last two seasons.


Just under two weeks left to apply! We’ve gotten lots of applications (including some international teams) and it’s shaping up to be a good event.


We want to come up to volunteer. Had a blast last year. Are you going to have judges this year?


Looking forward to the event & game modifications.


Bad news- I won’t be at Chezy Champs 2018. Good news- you don’t have to take me home from Chezy Champs 2018.


Yes, we will be having judges (and judged awards).


To clarify, *team *applications are closing on June 11.

*Volunteer *applications will be open until sometime in August (but some volunteer roles may be assigned earlier). If you need to know about a volunteer assignment earlier to make travel plans, please email us at chezychamps (at) team254 (dotcom).



Hey, when will the game changes be published?
Also, will the event be live streamed online?


Rule changes will be posted later in the summer. We have no plans for drastic changes to the game and don’t plan on changing anything that would affect the relative weighting or difficulty of various game tasks.



One week left to apply! Looks like we’ve gotten more quality applicants than we’ll have room for and will have to make some tough decisions.


Will an applicant list be posted? I’d like to predict who will make it in.

I wish I could make it out to San Jose this year, but alas, school will have just started. Someday!


Wrapped up our video part of the application and looking forward to submitting the rest soon!


3 more days to apply!


Team Mean Machine 2471 applied for the first time ever, though we’ve been talking about applying for a few years. We’re excited for the opportunity. Here is our submission video:


Is it just me or is the link broken?


The hyperlink doesn’t have the colon, this should work.


Hey Nick.
Maybe I missed it, but I haven’t seen any mention of rules modifications for CC 2018.
May I make a suggestion?

Drop “G09.b” PLEASE!!!

I would love to see teams be able to place cubes on the switch without being penalized for not being in contact with the fence, or breaking it’s plane. This opens the door to even higher auto scores via “Drive by” scoring and also get’s rid of the need for all those ridiculously long zip ties.


Weird. It looks right, but doesn’t work. I can copy/paste it. I just edited to use the unshortened link. That seems to work.