Chezy Champs 2018


Team 4159 is excited to apply for Chezy Champs!

Here’s a link to our video.


We did this for the La Habra Citrus Fair and it was so much fun. We had a rookie team launching into the switch from the alliance station wall during autonomous and they would launch across the switch and score in the other side of the switch. It really does improve the game. We kept a tech foul if the cube is launched and goes outside the field.


Applications will be accepted until 11:59PM Pacific time tonight.


2910 is excited to apply for Chezy Champs for the first time in our teams history. Here is our “send it” video.


This year was such a great game for swerve! You guys make it look so smooth! I love your auto routines. I assume you are using vision to acquire the cubes off the wall? Looks great! Good job.


This year, Chezy Champs received a record number of applications. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate all of the interested teams. Selections were made based on criteria including competitiveness, locality, and other factors. Invitations have been sent to the teams listed below. If you did not receive a response via email, please let us know.

The event currently has a wait list. If you do not intend on coming, please let us know so that we may free up your spot

Invited Teams

Chezy Champs is getting more competitive every year! We’ve extended invites to 46 teams. Our farthest invitee comes from over 2500 miles away, and this year we have our first international invitee.

8      1011   2910   4183
115    1072   2990   4388
254    1197   3250   4488
604    1323   3309   4911
649    1538   3310   5012
687    1678   3476   5026
696    1796   3478   5199
842    1983   3512   5499
846    2046   3538   5803
968    2471   3647   5818
971    2557   4159   5924
973    2659

Rule Changes

We will be playing a slightly modified version of FIRST Power Up. Exact rule changes will be posted later in the summer. We have no plans for drastic changes to the game and don’t plan on changing anything that would affect the relative weighting or difficulty of various game tasks.

We need many volunteers to make Chezy Champs a success! If you are interested in helping out, please fill out this form.


This is great news! Team 696 is happy to be a part of this great event once again! Thank you for the invitation. We’re looking forward to it!


Team 2910 is honored to be invited. We’re really excited about all the PNW teams. Unless I counted wrong it looks like there are 9.


4159 is excited and appreciative of the invite to play at Chezy! We hope to see everyone there!


We are so excited and honored to get accepted! So many great teams. Can’t wait :smiley:


We’re very excited to have the opportunity to play Power Up again.

Here’s our application video/competition recap.


Well that’s a lot of good teams! Looks like fun!


Nice video! Glad the harpoon climber made it into the video. Watching that fire at San Diego was a treat.

CYA at Chezy!


3512 is excited and honored to be excited to be invited. This roster is absolutely stacked!


4388 is excited to be invited! We are absolutely ready to play Power Up again, and we can’t wait to represent Colorado in this amazing event. See ya in September:D


Team 254 is stoked for Chezy Champs 2018. Some brief stats about this year’s invitees:

Acceptance Rate
59% (46/78) of applicants received invitations.

Blue Banners
57 blue banners in 2018 (1.2 per team).
59% (27) won a blue banner in 2018.

17% (8) were on Einstein at the 2018 Championship.

46% (17) from outside California.
8 states (plus Mexico!) are represented.

82% (38) in the top 10th percentile of FRC teams, as ranked by Caleb’s post-2018 Elo.
55% (25) in the top 5th percentile.
22% (10) in the top 1st percentile

See you all in September!


Someone from my team applied as a joke apparently. However a random mom from the team got the email saying we were declined. The kid did not use the email so she would like to know how you sent them out.




That’s a great team list, and PNW is well represented! 5803 is honored to be invited.


Glad to see 3310 representing Texas this year! We would have loved to apply again but we felt our robot performance this year wasn’t good enough to compete at Chezy.

We hope to be better next year and make a return visit again!