Chezy Champs 2019

List so far?


Neat to see another australian here


Applications are open for one more week!

A bit of a jaunt if i do say so myself


All teams who have applied up to this point have received email confirmation of receipt of application. If you think you have applied, but your main contact has not received an email, reach out - chezychamps at

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I’m moving to Campbell next week. I’ll have to put this in my calendar!

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We’ve gotten the timing question a few times - for those procrastinators out there, applications will close at 11:59pm PDT on May 31, 2019.

All teams who have applied up to this point have received email confirmation of receipt of application.

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This year, Chezy Champs received a record number of applications. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate all of the interested teams. Selections were made based on criteria including competitiveness, locality, and other factors.

After reviewing the applications, invites have been sent to the following teams:

114 1197 2733 4911
115 1425 2910 5012
254 1619 2928 5026
498 1671 2930 5190
604 1678 3218 5199
649 1710 3309 5507
696 1868 3310 5700
846 1983 3476 5818
971 2046 3647 5940
972 2102 4004 6443
973 2557 4183
1072 2659 4414

If we have any drop-outs or additions, we will keep the list on TBA up to date. Please refer there for the most up to date team list as we get closer to the event.

Teams - note that the event has a wait list. If you do not intend on coming, please let us know as soon as possible so that we may free up your spot!

Payment is due on August 1 via credit card. Teams who do not pay by end of day August 1 will have their spots relinquished to teams on the wait list.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in September! For any questions about the event, please don’t hesitate to reach out.




Amazing roster!

Very excited to see 1619 and 5190 on this list. Can’t wait to welcome some great PNW teams again, thanks for making the trip down! Y’all make this event truly special.

Can’t wait!



971, 2102, 3309, 3647, 4414

Almost enough for a full field of sideways elevators. Also, we’re thrilled to have gotten in. This is the first invitational we’ve ever applied to, and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone!


Waitlist is better than last year!

If my team doesn’t make it, I’ll see y’all down there while I volunteer :sunglasses:

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Have one of the turret elevator bots lock their elevator perpendicular to the drivetrain and we’ll call it a day.


Wait. No Mad Town at Chezy?


Application process is ruthless


We’d actually like to stay turreted elevators. We’re sideways elevators^360

Can we please have 1425, 254, and 3476 vs 3309, 971, and 4414


The turret is too big an advantage. Are there 3 swerve teams to pit up against the three turrets?

No Madtown?

Also awesome to see a lot of PNW teams on the roster again! This’ll be one great event to watch.


Poofs didnt’ let us in! Jk jk

A few reasons why we couldn’t make it this year:

  • Downsizing our current area from 3 very large rooms to 2/3 of a large room. No Practice Field until the WCP warehouse finishes in Late August/September. School is renovating the current building, limited access till September/October. While this is happening we are working on our new area @ the new high school. We are basically in flux with our build area for the 2020 season and have spent 2 weeks just throwing away trash/moving stuff etc…
  • The kids that wanted to attend offseasons and put the work in graduated. These students spent a ton of time practicing and actually wanted to win each event they attended. So we felt it was valuable to attend as many and the hardest offseasons possible. Most of our team is now freshman.
  • Focusing on training/drive practice/recruitment and sponsors this offseason. We most likely won’t do any offseasons besides MTTD.

That being said the team will definitely miss Chezy Champs. We were def looking forward to going with this years robot.


No one is talking about 4004 from Michigan. They are a really good bot and surprised they got to go to chezy champs