Chezy Champs 2021

Given how Cheesy Arena handles second teams with TBA, 9999 is probably a placeholder for all second/third teams until the proper B/C teams can be input.


What qualifies as a “minor infraction” under CC3?

If a robot A pushes opponent robot B into A’s trench/rendezvous/loading/shooting zone, would these tech fouls forced by robot A be forgiven since the strategic interaction by robot A wouldn’t effect the “difficulty of the game”?

The team labeled 9999 is a new team from Georgia without an assigned number yet (with some veteran members). I’ll let them introduce themselves further when they’re ready. We’re excited to welcome them to CC2021.


inb4 the color sensor was too annoying to integrate with Cheesy arena


We think the Control Panel is a distracting, non-value add to the game. The cool part is shooting balls, sitting and spinning is boring and barely visible what is happening to the audience / live-stream.

We want to see teams push their cycles to the limit and go for last-second rounds of balls, rather than having your best robot spend the last 30 seconds of the match just spinning the panel and then waiting to climb.

Teams are welcome to keep their Control Panel mechanism on their robot or remove it if easy. We don’t encourage anyone to redesign the whole robot based around the lack of a Control Panel / need for that motor/sensor. The Judges at the event will be instructed to disregard the presence / quality (or lack-of) any Control Panel mechanism.


The intent of CC3 is to remove the obligation from referees to watch for and penalize behaviors that would have zero impact on the outcome of a match or on safety. This might cover situations such as:

  • A robot temporarily and briefly entering a restricted area without performing any useful game-related actions and without any other robots nearby whose movement might be hindered
  • A manipulator becoming entangled with a field element with no impact except to that team (which an overzealous referee might interpret as disallowed grasping)

The scenario you described wouldn’t come under CC3’s jurisdiction; any existing rules about forcing fouls would instead apply.


Pat is not very happy about these changes, but I am.


Will the power cell setup on the field for auto be according to the 2021 rules or the 2020 rules? In our competitions we allowed alliances to choose which they want pre-game(like the hatch panels on the cargo ship in 2019)- this made it so teams that didn’t get to develop an autonomous for 2021 can play 2020 if they want


The current plan is to use the 2021 rules and layout.

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254 forgot to include the control panel spinner in its robot design!!! :rofl:


I’ll have you know we had a control panel mech that could spin the wheel in a quick snap.

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If someone is volunteering and would be interested in splitting a room, please shoot me a PM. I’m considering signing up to get my robot fix.


Sad control panel noises

But happier robot noises



The following email was sent to attending teams tonight


Good Evening Teams,

Payments Due Sept 17

Payment is due by September 17, 2021 for your team’s Chezy Champs registration. Payment is by credit card on our secure payment portal at [url removed for CD post].

Important - Follow Up Information Still Required

As a reminder, if you have not already please email us by September 3 to let us know:

  • Is your team planning on attending Chezy Champs 2021? Please include your team number in the email.

  • Approximately how many people do you intend to bring (if less than 20).

  • Will you be shipping your robot to Chezy Champs?

As always, please follow up via email if you have any further questions. We do apologize for the Barrage of emails - we’re sending you information as soon as we have it ready to keep you fully updated on CC2021.

Best Regards,

Team 254


Hello from Team 9999, The Mechanisms (permanent number pending). We are a small rookie team from Marietta, Georgia with some experienced students and mentors. Our team is excited to join “The Best in the West” this year for Chezy Champs 2021. We are especially grateful to Team 254 and to the competition organizers for inviting us to be a part of this year’s competition. The students and mentors of our team are working overtime to design, construct and program a robot to be proud of. We’ll see you all in San Jose!


off topic but like, is anyone else gonna dress up/do anything at comp for Halloween?


If I get chosen as an mc / ga, I’ll dress up as the best suggested costume idea that incorporates a medical mask.


One time at River Rage a team dressed up as judges. Me, being a stupid freshmen, thought they were actual judges and gave up my seats for them… :woman_facepalming:
My team wasn’t super thrilled with me.