Chezy Champs 2022 is looking to feature new MC/GA talent

Hi CD community,

We just opened volunteer signups for Chezy Champs 2022 and I wanted to call attention to the fact that we’d like to get some fresh Master of Ceremonies and Game Announcer talent to help us host the event this year. Ideally, we’d like to have several people in each role and set up a rotation so that it’s not a full-time commitment at the event.

The roles are open to all – current students, alumni, mentors, parents, etc. We’d be particularly thrilled if we were able to feature aspiring MCs and GAs from groups who are traditionally underrepresented in these roles, so please don’t let any preconceived ideas of whether you “fit” the roles prevent you from applying.

Please use the form linked above to apply, and note that it asks for a short audition video to help gauge applicants’ abilities.


Pat Fairbank
Team 254 Mentor


Man I just submitted my app, you could have just said no :sob: /s

Actually though, I love to see this! California needs more MC/GAs so that we can run districts, and the best way for newcomers to get experience is through off-season events. Can’t wait to see what the new talent brings!


Us rn


We even need more MCs & GAs to run regionals – we’re barely getting by.

Love to see this push, and hope we hear lots of new folks on mic not just at Chezy but across the state this offseason!


Well now I gotta go. GA’d Rocket City this year, and will be on the mic in some capacity at CRI this summer.

@Andrew_L can I sleep on your floor again?


Bro you gotta come check out the Mentor Mansion. You can even upgrade to the futon :wink:


I love that you guys are doing this, and wish I wasn’t a continent away. I really want to get into MCing and or GAing, but NE has a lot of talented people and even more who are interested. So seeing a pathway at such a high profile event like Chezy is really amazing and I’m happy to see it.

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I’m pretty sure I called dibs during last year’s CC for all future CCs


I’ll throw my hat in the ring and I have been wanting to MC somewhere else besides Florida. I just did Houston why no Chezy Champs.


Funnily enough, me and my sibling were just talking today about that time I had to MC a VEX IQ event last minute after the assigned MC was unable to make it. The verdict was, awkward? but not too horrible. They thought it was endearing, at least. I’m not sure the few 971 students there doing outreach would necessarily agree, but I guess it’s a start.

I’d apply, but I think I might be occupied that day competing instead (yay?). Hoping to see some great new talent at Chezy this fall, already sounds like production is going to be just as great as usual.

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