Chezy Champs 2022

Good Morning!

We’re excited to announce that team applications for Chezy Champs 2022 are now open! This will be an off-season FRC tournament and we will be playing the 2022 FRC game, with some modifications (TBD). As in past years, the focus of the event is on the team experience and we hope teams will have a great time while enjoying an entertaining show.

What: Chezy Champs 2022 Off-Season FRC Tournament
When: Saturday & Sunday, September 24-25, 2022 (With Friday Night Load-In)
Where: Bellarmine College Prep, San Jose, California
Registration: $400 ($800 for field-side pit)

Fill out this application form. Team selections will be made based on criteria that include competitiveness, locality, and other factors. Applications after May 27 will be placed on a wait list in case we have room or dropouts.

Applications Open May 2
Applications Due May 27
Invitations Sent by Mid-June
Payment Due in July

Volunteer applications will be announced at a later date. More information is available on the event website. Reach out via email to chezychamps at team254 dotcom with any questions.


Team 254


Has this always been a thing? Never noticed it before.


Field-side pits have been a thing since the original Chezy Champs 2014. Prices did increase this year for the first time since 2014 due to increases in the costs related to putting on the event.


So excited for CC this year - and for the first time, I hope to find myself on the other side of the glass. Either way I’m excited for another year of the Best in the West™!


Can one of the modifications be allowing overtime climbs? We all want to see them and I know at least Code Orange has a working one.


You know it’s real when the off-season event has to have their own revised Q&A.


We have plans to gather community feedback on possible rule changes for CC2022. Stay tuned for a separate Chief Delphi thread on that topic.

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