Chezy Champs 2024 rule change ideas

720 notes (6! = 720) in one amplification period seems pretty hard, although if you have a CIWS shooter system, it could likely fall under “momentary control” and not count as a foul…


Infinite Recharge is truly infinite then

The levitating robot is an interesting twist… :wink:

I haven’t been able to read through the whole thread. Would adding a second RP threshold for a 5th RP be a good idea for melody? Something similar to the 2022 Chezy.

It would also be interesting to see auto notes scored being worth additional notes for the threshold if that was the case.

I would be worried about it encouraging the feeding meta during quals though. Curious about what people think.

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Making the Amp worth 3 or 4 in auto would give a reason for amp only bots to actually score during auto.

Declaring the two chains closest to the center of the field as coopertition chains could have the effect of making ensamble actually possible in some matches. If either at least one robot is hanging from the coopertition chain or one note is scored in that trap, the ensamble threshold is reduced to 7. This means that ensamble can be achieved with two harmonized or two hanging independent and one spotlit.

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Scoring in the opponent’s amp during amplification period ends the countdown.


Don’t make Co-op the first tiebreaker or just ditch it all together.


This sounded crazy at first but now that sounds amazing I’d love to see it!

If contacted does it still result in a penalty?

it might be worth to do this and eat whatever penalties you receive for contact in the zone if the opposing alliance has a pile of 4 notes ready to go

No, it would be an “open amp” meaning an opposing alliance can fight to score in it. But the second the period is over, they have to back off. I don’t know if the alliance that owns the amp should still be able to score though.

I came here to say the same thing. Climbing this year was just never worth it points-wise, despite most bots (especially top-level ones) being able to climb and harmonize. I want to see those climbing dynamics play out!

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Allow amp scoring during auton, with proportional increases if they get 2

It’s already allowed?

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Remove the protected zone near the AMP, it’ll allow for more defensive strategies and make stealing notes easier for more interesting game play. Teams also wouldn’t be able to pin robots in this zone to farm penalty points. It may also be interesting to remove the podium protected zone, based off my own experience I didn’t see a lot of teams utilizing it throughout the season so if you remove it it’s one less thing refs have to keep and eye on. Also in terms of getting a 5th RP either having x amount of amplification periods or so many notes shot into the speaker.


And allow amplified speaker shots in auton worth maybe 10 points a piece


That sounds like so much fun if someone was able to pull it off

Allow shots into speaker from the area between the red and blue wing

That’s already allowed in teleop

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I confused teleop and auto.
I am really surprised I didn’t see teams try to score from outside their wing in comp.
I thought that was for teleop also