Chezy Champs 2024 rule change ideas

Increase the value of a pinning foul during an amplification period to reduce the incentive for teams to intentionally pin a front zone robot and thereby lowering their scoring potential for that period. The current point trade off of 2 points for 9 seconds of pinning vs 15 points for 3 potential amplified notes is primed for exploitation.

(This is even more important if you remove the 4 note limit per amplification period)


More points for climbing. And make it so you can hold 2 notes for at least 5s before drawing a penalty.

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Or better yet, give the co-op rank bonus to teams if their HP hits the button.


To encourage compact design, the chains should be lowered.

And to break the dominance of swerve, some rough terrain should be added to the middle of the field.

I like the notes, but I feel like we’d see more interesting shooters if we used something like grey dodgeballs.

Scratch that idea about the chain - it should be a bar. A low bar.

Also, I like the idea of a speaker and an amp, but not the execution. What if we had a low goal and a high goal? They could even be shaped like a castle! We could also then put the hanging bar right below the goal.

If we do that, though, there won’t be a lot going on in the middle of the field. How about we add four “defenses” that robots have to cross? We could call it something like Castle… Fortress… How about STRONGHOLD?

Thoughts on this?



It has to be a chain. This entire game was literally designed around having a chain. Do you remember the 2021 “challenge” in the kit of parts requesting ideas for future games with chains? This was the result.


Which is far less effective. Several Einstein alliances tried to counter 321’s defense by shooting to mid from the source, and 1690 immediately made them pay for it.

I get the desire to make a rule that’s often just accidentally violated easier to officiate/gone, but it’s there for good reason. I’d argue removing G414 does both of these things that should be avoided:


Alternatively, there could be more notes available to each alliance in their source. This would insure that an alliance does not run out of notes, and it would not require changes to the field.

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Based on the current source design you can at most add 4 notes (one extra in the racks and three more on top) without just putting them on the ground, and even that’s assuming no one on an alliance decides against preloading.
I think that making the speaker chute lead to somewhere the other alliance could take it would be easier.

When discussing what rules should be, describing something as “within the rules” makes no argument.

We should improve the game somewhat - 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

True, but you probably could just pile them on the ground. Or you have some simple storage for them, such as sticks/dowels on a baseplate (similer to a target in a ring toss) that you stack notes on.
The chute idea would be cool to see, but i dont think its practical given an easier alternative that is also effective.

That’s exactly my point though?

I’m saying that the argument for changing how co-op point works is inconsistent with the rest of the rules. It’d be better to just do away with the whole thing entirely, which several people propose.

…I was describing a different situation (defense in quals) that is within the rules currently, and has no proposed change.

My point is that to some extent there is ALWAYS coopertition within qualification rounds due to the nature of RPs. When all 6 robots focus on scoring, all 6 teams benefit from the RP.
If 1 of those 6 robots plays defense on the other alliance, they lower the scoring potential of BOTH alliances and heavily decrease the expected chance of achieving melody for BOTH alliances.

If teams decide to only play defense against the number 1 seed team, is this now poor game design?

Why not add an extra rack behind where the HPs stand? They would have to turn around to grab them but it would increase the amount of notes quite a bit.

The bigger issue is the ability to buy enough notes from andymark.


Why stop there? All scouts have to be adults, and only adults can berate talk to the head referee. But only students can touch the robots.

  • Allow high notes to be thrown during all of teleop (rationale: there’s little opportunity to return them if they’re all thrown at T-20s)
  • Missed high notes can be returned through the amp or speaker, but do not earn points / credit towards amplification (rationale: would allow HPs to feed notes like crazy)
  • HPs can retrieve high notes from the amp or speaker receptacle throughout the entire match (rationale: it would be funny)

how would you pass a high note through the speaker or amp without having it trigger the beam break

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Some ideas:

  • Remove the Auto Leave points (almost everyone get those points and referees won’t have to manually score every robot during auto).
  • Allow notes scored in the amp during amplification contribute to the next amplification or worth more points.
  • Harmony will double all climb points on that chain. Harmony with 2 robots will grant 12 points (3+3=6, 6x2=12). Harmony with 3 robots will grant 18 points (3+3+3=9, 9x2=18).

I will suggest one change though: Harmony doesn’t double spotlight points, so that 2 robots on a spotlit chain are still worth less (each) than a robot that traps without a spotlight.


I’ve seen teams move far more than 3 notes to the top of the chute during the match. So if more notes are needed, it can certainly be more than 4.

I don’t know I’m just the ideas guy


let the human player throw the high notes into the speaker to count as regular notes or try to spotlight for more points

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