Chezy Champs Live Auction Draft Signup

We are opening up signups for the 2019 Chezy Champs Live Auction Draft! This will take place live on Monday, September 23rd starting at 8:30pm. Sign up forms are located at

We are looking for up to 8 teams who are interested in participating (team can have multiple members on them). You will receive $200 to spend on teams and will set prices for the Pick’em leave. Both the Live Draft and Pick’em league will have live scoring located at:

If you are not familiar with how the live draft works check out an example from Chezy Champs here

After prices are set during the live draft our Pick’em league will open for anyone to form their own set of teams.

Scoring for FUN Drafts:

  • District points for quals and alliance selection
  • No alliance selection points for 4th robots or backups
  • 5 points for every playoff match won (regardless of winning the series or not)
  • Only the 3 robots that play in the match get elim points
  • No awards points
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Live draft is full. Thank you to teams who signed up. If you want to join a live draft team please see our Discord.

Once the live draft is complete and prices are set the Pick’em League will be made available.

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