Chiaphua Gear

Can anyone give me the specs on the gear on the output shaft of the Chiaphua motor.


About Chiaphua mating gear…

You will notice that the output shaft of chiaphua motor have some non standard teeth. It is a 36 Diametral Pitch, 9 tooth, enlarged, 25 degree pressure angle gear AND it is enlarged. The kit came with a gear cluster that can mate with the shaft. It’s a 44 tooth with a 16 tooth next to it, and a ¼” hole in the center. You want to use the 44 tooth side to mesh with Chiaphua’s output shaft, and the 16 tooth side has a 32 DP and a 20 degree pressure angle
The material of the gear cluster is a pretty good material, so you can just put it on a ¼” shaft and it will spin fine. Although, just to be save, you can put mount the ¼” shaft in bearings and lubricate the gear
“The gear has some brass content (copper, etc) and is a pretty good bearing.” -Paul Copioli
“The metal of the gear that mates with the Chiaphua gear is
“FX-2008-90HT copper infiltrated steel heat treated to Ra 68”
A friend looked up the spec. It has a Min Ultimate of 90,000psi.” -Joe J.

A picture of a quick gearbox for the chiaphua, take a look at how the mating gear go with the chiaphua motor output shaft. It is recommended that you support the gear cluster on both side of the shaft.
“Motor mount screws are 10-32, spaced exactly 2.00" apart
The center “bulge” is .75" in diameter
The centers of each gear (shaft, big gear) is .740" apart.” –Larry Barello
As for buying a replacement mating gear for chiaphua… The only suggestion so far is to spend around $240 to buy the whole assembly from Atwood. Any better suggestion?

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