Chiaphua gears

Does anyone have any spare Chiaphua gears that we can beg, borrow, steal, or barter? We have now destructed about 6 of those “indestructable” beasts.

are you talking about the small gold colored ones?

Yes, the ones that mate with the output shaft of the Chiaphua.

ill see if we have any… im not promising anything

How the heck did you destroy them?

i’m not sure how you could really destroy those. perhaps you have some gear ratio problems in there, might wanna check it out before you start using a new one

Let’s see.
We lost No. 1 at regionals when we bent a shaft. The gear that mates with the Chiaphua gear took out about 1/4" of the teeth.

We lost No. 2 and 3 during the same match when we broke the shafts that the Chiaphua gears were mounted on. The mating gear again chewed up the Chiaphua gears.

I don’t remember when/how we lost Number 4, but it was a similar situation.

Numbers 5 and 6 are on our robot now, but are badly mangled.

If we can find some of these beasts, we’ll post some pictures of our “handiwork”.

how are the shafts on the bot doing now? cause if they are still bent, the way im seeing it, ur gonna break every gear we give u

could there possibly be some way you can prevent these shafts from bending? it sounds like there could be some strange design in your drive system that it doesn’t like when you put any type of force on it, i had never heard about these gears breaking before, but i guess anything can happen

The current shafts are fine now. In fact we redesigned the whole transmission. The flaw (lesson learned) from the old transmission is that we used 3/8" shafts. The new transmissions are using 5/8" shafts and are working fine.

There’s not enough space on the server to list all the shafts we bent this year. The most frustrating part is that it all started when, during the heat of battle at UTC, someone forgot to install the mounting screws on one side of one transmission. That transmission then torqued and bent the output shaft. Causing a very unfortunate chain of events.

We learned a lot this year…:rolleyes:

Many thanks to team 151 who has graciously provided us with two gears. Thanks all.