Chicago AndyMark Chassis Parts


Team 7560 from De La Salle Institute is trying to reassemble an old (2018?) AndyMark chassis we have, but we are missing two parts, a FR6ZZ (am-0028) bearing and a 16 tooth gear (am-0747), as well as some 500 churro.

Is there anyone in the Chicagoland area, specifically near 35th and Michigan, who would be willing to sell us these parts? We could order from AndyMark but we really would prefer not to pay shipping for such a small order.




Team 71 in Hammond, IN has a huge stockpile of AndyMark KoP chassis parts. I can drop off a box with everything you need + some extra helpful parts today or tomorrow.

DM me on here and we can figure out specifics.


Hey there! I’m with Illinois Tech Robotics, right across the street! I’m going to check later today on whether we have those parts, but I think we should at least have some bearings.

Update: sharing the wheelth


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