Chicago HS Robotics Teaching Opportunity


I will be changing schools this coming school year, and my current position at Saint Patrick High School on the northwest side of Chicago is open.

I currently teach 4 sections of physics and 1 section of an FTC-based robotics course, in which we run 2 FTC teams that compete in Chicago and on the Illinois state level. I also run FRC team STRIKER 101 out of the school with the help of a small outside mentor team.

Ideally, the school would fill my position with someone with the same skill set, but they are willing to split my role and hire someone who only wants to teach FTC in the classroom and manage FTC and FRC as an extracurricular. I’m also going to continue mentoring the teams as my new schedule allows, so you’d have some help with the transition.

If you’d be interested or have any questions about the role, please shoot me a message.