Chicago Off-Season Competition

Just wondering, if there were to be an off-season event in Chicago would there be any teams interested in coming?:slight_smile:

I’d certainly be interested; I’d have to talk to my team about it though. IRI is already a bit of a stretch for us, then again we might not get into IRI.

It’s a bit of a drive for us though, which is an issue if it were just a 6-12 team thing.

We’d need more info - how many teams are you expecting, what time of year, what kind of registration fees are you looking at, is it a 1 or 2 day affair.

The two day event would be in mid to late August. We are tentatively going with the 21st-22nd. We would expect 24-32 teams. We are looking for volunteers to work at the event. The 14 teams that attended our scrimmage would be offered a discount to attend.