Chicago off season event

Chicago knights and the cyberdogz are making an attempt to put together an off season event in Chicago this summer. We expect it to be small this year but was hoping to connect with interested teams.

We plan to hold it August 3rd which is the week after r2oc. We are trying to see how many other teams would be interested in another summer event.

If anyone from the area might be interested you can message me or reply to get more information.


I’m not on a team this year but if you guys are looking for help I may be interested any ideas on location yet?

We will be holding it during the south side maker Faire at Daley college. We will definitely need people to help out and I will reach out once we have a signup posted. It will be on August 3rd with load in and set up the day before in August 2nd.

Thank you.

Thanks I’ve been wanting to attend a maker faire event type anyway so I’ll definitely be interested as long as no other issues arise

Would this event be setup similar to R2OC, with a real field and a full tournament in one day?

I’ll talk to my team about it, but I’m guessing we would send a robot and/or volunteers.

That is the plan. If we don’t get enough teams to host a full event we would add additional challenges. Some of those challenges have been discussed on CD.

We want to have as complete as possible 1 day event. Quals/selections/ finals.

I’m not with a team here in Chicago, and sadly I don’t think I’ll be in Chicago during the event (Pesky summer school breaks), though it’s awesome that you guys are taking on the task of organizing this. My club (Illinois Tech Robotics) is currently in the process of scheduling an event for Fall 2020 at the earliest, and if you need any help with planning your event, please feel free to contact me, as I’ve already done quite a bit of planning for field sourcing and whatnot.

Alright it has been a bit, but we have gotten everything up and running.

If you have a team that is interested in attending the event you can fill out a maker application here.

The fee for team is $300.

If you do not have a team but still want to help out with the event we need you. You can apply to be a volunteer for the event here:

If you have any questions about the event or in general you can always reach out to me here or DM.

I’m super glad that this exists, and I most likely won’t be able to attend (as much as I would absolutely love to volunteer), I have a few questions about the event:

  • How many teams are you expecting and/or what is you maximum number of teams?
  • What’s the general schedule of the event? One day with quals? Elimination bracket?
  • Are you modifying any rules for the event?
  • What kind of space are you getting for the event? FRC takes a lot of space, and this being a mini maker faire, I’m not entirely sure of how cramped this is. I trust you that you’ve planned the space requirements, but this is more for my own curiosity.

I think we have covered most of these, but we shall see.

  1. we are capping at 24 teams with hoping/expecting for 16
  2. one day with quals, with an elim bracket.
  3. We have talked about it, but haven’t decided on any at this point. I personally dont have strong feelings about it, I am just hoping for more time for students to play.
  4. The maker faire is being held at Daley college which I imagine will get cramped with 24 teams, but if we have fewer should be ok. The Chicago Knights have done the site visits, and seem to think we will be ok.

Thank you for these questions (helps us get the word out and make sure we are thinking)

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Tony answered most of the questions, but here’s a bit more info:

  1. Our goal is to maximize the number of plays; We will only change rules if it makes sense based on who is participating AND adds value. We ARE considering additional skill challenges.

  2. The Chicago Southside Maker Faire has a significant footprint. The FRC event will be in a regulation size gym. Space will not be an issue.

Hey First 5125 would like to help volunteer at the Chicago offseasons
pls contract us at

Bumping this thread because the event is in two weeks and I’d like to learn more about it! Is there an event schedule available anywhere?

Unfortunately, I got this email 3 days ago:

The Chicago Offseason Event for 2019 has been canceled. We did not find enough teams interested in competing this summer, so we will not be renting an official field. However, the space for the event has already been secured so we will still prominently feature FRC teams at the Maker Faire. We still hope your team is willing and able to participate. To make the experience as meaningful as possible for you, we intend to borrow as many field elements as possible. We would love to hear from you which components are most important to your team.

Your team is currently registered as Maker Faire project 1732 Hilltopper Robotics [73]. Your team’s support and involvement are important to both the Chicago FIRST Robotics and Maker communities, and we thank you in advance for bringing your team, enthusiasm, and Maker spirit to the event. Maker Faire celebrates the best of human imagination and creativity, and we expect that this Maker Faire will be no different.

Darn. I can’t make it to R2OC so I was hoping I could see local teams in action here. The event still seems worth checking out, so I’ll try and swing by, hopefully a couple of teams will be in attendance.