Chicago Regional Prep Problem

When my team was preparing a lap top for the chicago Regional we discovered that our disk that has the C compiler program disk is missing. We are currently in the process of tyring to get hold of another copy. We were wondering if any time going to chicago could bring their disk with the c compiler just i case we are unable to before we get there. Our team number is 1240 and we would be very happy if one of the teams could bring their disk with them.

Heads up!!!
If I recall correctly, the current compiler is not on the C-Bot disk. You may need to download it directly for web. The link is on the FIRST web site, listed as “Microchip Software Downloads” or follow this link

The MPLAB software version 7.00 and 7.01 are available by searching the Forums on Innovationfirst for MPLAB download. You can also get the IFI Loader program there. With those, you should be able to get prep’d before you head out. I soooo dislike 11th hour prep work. It leaves too much chance of additional problems.
GOOD LUCK at the Regionals!!! :slight_smile: