Chicklet Help

Ok, We jut got our chicklet, and we are having some trouble getting return values. We Can’t figure out variable names for a psII controller. The only thing I could think would be mabey it isn’t supported… FYI I know just about nothing beyond basic c code.

Thank you in advance for your help

Your assumption about it being not supported would be correct as shown here:

However, just because it isn’t supported doesn’t mean that it won’t work. If you’re using one of those cheap PS2->USB adapters you can find on eBay (or similar), they support the standard USB HID protocol, so there’s no reason that it shouldn’t work. I would expect that one stick will be mapped to p1_x and p1_y, another stick to be mapped to p1_aux and p1_wheel, and four of the buttons (probably the four you’d expect… triangle, square, circle, and x) to be mapped to p1_sw_trig, p1_sw_top, p1_sw_aux1, p1_sw_aux2 (in no particular order). This is just based off my experience with PS2->USB under Windows, but if it’s a standard USB HID, then I don’t know of any reason that it shouldn’t work with the Chicklet.

(Attention Mike Copioli: feel free to flog me if I’m off-base here.)

No fologging necessary. But the ps2 controller will not work with the Chicklet. It may connect, but there are no drivers for that device.

Are you talking about the ACTUAL ps2 controller or just the ps2 style controller by Logitech?

Either way, It would seem to me that all the chicklet is doing is reading the signals and sending them to the OI. Of course, I could be very wrong.

My advice, print out the different inputs you would normally get and press buttons, if nothing happens its totally unsupported. If you get readings, then map the thing out and there you go…

Again, I could be very wrong

It’s not quite that simply. USB is a communication protocol. It is not like RS232 were the data is sent and recieved with a simple bit stream. USB has multiple layers and device classes. HID is one of these classes. HID is what the Chicklet supports. Inside the HID spec there are definitions as to how the data must be structured and how to decode such data. In order to connect to the device, these criteria must be met. Once you are connected to the device, you can request information about that device such as the devices PID(product ID) or VID(vendor ID) each ID is unique to the manufacturer and device model. If the ps2 controller is HID, then we could write drivers to support it. The Chicklet would have to be sent back to us as this is not something the user could do.