Chief Delhi wins first match!

Chief Delphi just played their first match, and I must say i was quite impressed. From the beginning of human controll 61 just pushed them into a corner and stayed there untill the judges told 61 to back off. With about 45 seconds left they went up the platform to hang, and did so extremely well. Looks like a very fine robot they have! :slight_smile:

PS: My secret intent is to flaunt the fact I have wifi sitting in frount of Curie fielld. Life is good!

I assume you mean refs. Judges are the ones in blue shirts who decide who should receive which awards. They don’t make game calls.

All your wi-fi are belong to us. Congrats so far, both our teams are doing great!

EDIT: w00t! Team 11 is in first (in Curie)! :slight_smile:

CD’s robot is a great hanger. They do it fast, and they can also hang on one arm (proved it at the Detroit Regional). I’m glad they’re doing well to.

Aww thanks that’s nice of all of you to give us those complantiments.(sp)

They couldn’t seem to get up on one arm when 522 was up there. It’s a pity… that was a beautiful machine. Congrats on your valiant effort, Chief Delphi.