Chief Delphi 2008 - 47 seconds for your viewing pleasure

Here’s a short 47 second video of Chief Delphi 2008 - I put it up on my youtube site - sorry if you are blocked - hopefully you can check it out at home.

I hope you enjoy watching it.

Mike A

Great job from a great team.

But my YouTube cheated me of a second - it only went to 46. :slight_smile:

It went 48 for me

Mines goes to 11.

Awesome design, I expected nothing less from team 47

Wow does that look effective…

What does the sign on the side of the overpass say?

It says don’t hang on it(the overpass). It isn’t really sturdy so we put a sign up because some people thought they were monkey bars.:slight_smile:

very creative design. props to a vet. team.

nice design guys, I was told it looked something like a crab

Great looking bot…Well done!

I really liked seeing you guys made a huge “NO HANGING” sign for the overpass too!! Made me smile!

Terrific looking bot. Love the way you hurdle or place.

I also enjoyed the NO HANGING sign on your overpass. That was a totally different FIRST game!

nice design guys quite impressive

love the vide too the music choice was awesome got me all fired up had to watch it a few times

Hellooooo from the NE :smiley:
Hi Mike and Team 47, well it looks like you have done it again what a super job on the Chief (13). The bot is very nice and moves great should give team 47 lots of great rounds. We at Team 88 TJ2 will see you in GA hope all is well and enjoy the season it should be another super one for you. GOOD LUCK to my BUD Mike and the team. We at TJ2 [hint] look some what like one, back in the day as they say. Well, SEE YA SOOoooon it should be another HOOT!!!:yikes:

Team 88 TJ2 and MOE

                          oh yeah ????     OH YEAH !!!!

heh funny, mine gave me 48 :stuck_out_tongue:

so can you guys grab the ball off the top or place at the end?
I wasn’t able to tell from the video. Awesome robot!

We can both remove the ball from the overpass and replace the ball at the end of the match.


i didn’t see you guys picking up the ball from the ground in that video

my question is can you gusy do that?


I thought I had a quick clip of us trapping and picking it up.
But, I suppose I could have left that clip off trying to get to 47 seconds.
Anyways - Yes, we can do that too.


Excellent Robot Guys!

Just a quick question: How fast can you move around the track?

I only got 46 seconds… Spiffy robot tho, go orange teams! :smiley:

Your pickup is identical to ours. Lift and push off is different. Looks just as good nonetheless!

I love how there are so many different ways to do the simple tasks in this year’s game.