Chief Delphi 7 Picture -- better than nothing

Attached is the best picture we have of Chief Delphi 7.

Sorry that we don’t have anything better to show.

We always seem to forget to get a good picture of our robot.

Robot features (that we wish to publish at this time :wink:

[li]Grabs 1 goal (Mechanism not visible)
[/li][li]Sucks up balls off floor (quantity & timing: classified)
[/li][li]Delivers balls to goal
[/li][li]4 wheel drive, 4 wheel swerve (pulls like a freight train and glides over the floor like a magic carpet)

Sorry for the image quality. Believe it or not this is the best picture we have – every year we get so caught up in the hubbub of practice time, fitting the final signage, and getting the robot in the box on time that we never get the photos we want.

Ah well… …maybe next year.

Joe J.

You said that you deliver the balls into the goal. Is that done by a shooter, dump or CLASSIFIED?

We don’t shoot the balls in.

Joe J.

How many balls canyou hold and how many motors on you drivetrain"?


Awesome robot Chief Delphi (from what i can see)…

“Seems” like we have a lot of similarities this year…but i know it will be somewhat different due to the fact you said “that we wish to publish at this time”…

Looks great…

Can’t wait to see your bot in Cleveland…:smiley:


I almost spilled my drink when I saw the part of your machine that everyone on the Chief Delphi Team will call the “Harvester” because that is what it is called on our machine.

I have never seen this kind of ball handler before and I was quite sure that we had would have something unique on our robot in 2002.

Ah well, if your works as well as ours does, you should be very happy with your (not quite) unique ball gathering device.

See you in Cleveland…

Joe J.

I was just wondering. I am not going to be at any of your (CD) comps. or able to get to any so are you going to post better pics after your first comp? It would be much appreciated because I would love to see your bot. Thanx

I saw two ‘harvester’ type ball scoops, with the spinning wheel lifting balls, at the DC scrimage.
One didn’t have a basket and tried to just get them into a goal, however, it didn’t work. It shot them a foot too short.
The other one didn’t try, at least I didn’t see them try.
The truly unique are extreamly rare, and becomeing rarer as FIRST grows. Not that thats a bad thing…