Chief Delphi 7 veiled - Look close

Our machine for the 2002 season. Look close at a hint of what it is like.

What a nice diamond plate “ball pusher”?? u have?? (i think)…oh well

Can’t you show us a little more? Please…

If not can’t wait to see your awesome robot (i’m sure it is) in competition this year.


thats the only thing i see… looks like a beast of a robot

what happen to the usual wedge shape armor CD used to have in past years~!?! :frowning:

I can always see CD7 being a tall ball robot… Of course, it should do what CD bots traditionally do in past years, do EVERYTHING!

Can’t wait to see the robot… I am going to glue my eyes to the gallery until a real picture come out…


I didnt know that you guys were going to try to push three goals with those arms you have folded up.

Thats pretty cool



MY MIND IS GOING INSANE!!! (which is not gud for the most part)


Well lets see judging from the picture im guessing you are showing off your diamond plate crate unless you madea featherweight bot cuz Diamond plate is heavy i think lol


All right… Just getting desperate about this… Got to start guessing what the robot looks like. Looking at the picture right now, the bot’s height is about 55" tall not counting the diamond plate base at the bottom (base on the size of soccer ball). That base right now is way longer than 36 inch, so the only conclusion I can make is that this is their crate they are taking a picture of.

So now, we can’t use this picture to guess the robot.

Well, there are still data we can use from past years for an educated guess. And if you seen enough CD bots, you would know what kind of design they would do.

I’ve seen two CD robots. CD5 and 6.

Back at 2000, CD5 could go under the limbo bar, hang on the center bar, extend basket to score balls, lower basket to collect balls, and extend basket to get balls from enemy goal, stay on ramp. And it can go side way. In other words, it can do EVERYTHING. No transmission on drive train. However, a pretty complicated robot.

Last year at 2001, CD6 could go under the limbo bar, get big balls, probably get small balls, grab goals, balance off the bridge, go into end zone, and go sideway. Again, in other words, it can do EVERYTHING. No transmission on drive train neither. Again, a really complicated robot.

So, this year, in order to do everything, it has to: Get balls, score balls, get balls from enemy goal, grab goals, and get into home zone… Probably a really cool drive train, and can go sideway. Probably no transmission.

Looking at past years, this robot will do everything, but won’t be so extreme that it will do the maximum of everything, like getting 60 balls at once. It would be a great alliance partner, and whoever partner with CD7 will do really well in a match. Learning from past years, this robot will be a really robust, reliable, and probably really complex but not extremely complex.

So I would say it can get 30 balls at most, get two goals at most, and maybe a pretty strong extension that will extend about 25 ft… It will have a really cool ball mechanism that score balls in any goals it want really fast, to control the points for each game. There will be good goal grabbers that get goals easily no matter how the goals are positioned, and put them in different zone using a super cool base or moveable arms. Getting goals really fast, and manipulate them easily… It will lift goals up for traction, but it will concentrate on moving smoothly around the field instead of super strong pushing force…

Hmm… I think this is it for now… Too tired robotics, so I will take a break for a while…

Six weeks and all you built was a box with a tarp over it? Granted, it is a handsome tarp, but I don’t think it will play the game well.

Wait a minute, I do notice some structure underneath the tarp - I see a point facing me and another one on the corner.

Or is it all in my mind? I can never tell.

How’s about we call it the Rorshach?

Hey Ken. you want a job at the pysicotic (sp) friend network. Cleo would love your help.

I see that other people are playing the secret robot game this year too… :smiley:

Youve guys have got me worried, 47…last year you had pictures posted 2 days before shipping was over.

Why the secrecy?

Just guessing, but maybe because it isn’t a 4v0 game?


My guess is that CD 7 will be a ball collector and scorer as well as an excellent ball scatterer…and i also think they may have 1 goal grabber…


I think that the metal piece at the bottom can scoop up the balls into a large container which is located in the back. The container can tip and the team gets a ton of points from the balls. Also I think the robot has a grabber to make sure that they will get the balls in. Oh well. What do I know? I’m on a rookie team. See ya.





*Originally posted by Brett *
**Just guessing, but maybe because it isn’t a 4v0 game?

shrug **

They were also 2 days early in 2000.

They were also 2 days early in 2000.

Shoosh :slight_smile:

Yay 2000 CD!

thier robot is veiled because they have an ingenious design which they don’t want other teams ripping off because they have untill wednesday night to build parts for thier robot not that anyone would do that. They may very well tell you what they do but not how and that is what matters!

P.S. no matter what they build i expect to see some great ingineering

As per FIRST ALL work must have stopped at 5:00pm on the ship day. All Fabricated parts must be shipped with the robot. Only raw materials can be brought to the event.

After your first event you then have until Wed. to repair and fabricate parts, not before. FIRST was very clear on this.

I will try to convince Joe to post a detailed picture.