Chief Delphi Achievement Guide

Here is the Chief Delphi achievement guide for all you achievement hunters out there in the first community

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Section 1: Getting Started

  1. Autobiographer
  2. Certified
  3. Editor
  4. First Emoji
  5. First Flag
  6. First Like
  7. First Link
  8. First Mention
  9. First Onebox
  10. First Quote
  11. First Reply By Email
  12. First Share
  13. New User of the Month
  14. Read Guidelines
  15. Reader
  16. Wiki Editor
  17. Lisensed

You can view all of these on the “Badges” page.

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Must complete tutorial to achieve

Activate by messaging discobot ‘start new user’
Discobot is the sender of the welcome message

This is totally not fair:

I expected @discobot to be the most flagged user on the site after being asked to flag its post!