Chief Delphi? Addicting?

What are your thoughts on Chief Delphi? I find it extremely addicting, I’ve been on here since 5 minutes ago…:wink: Post your thoughts…:cool:


I have two other forums I frequent a lot more, both of which I have several thousand posts on and I am a moderator of.

Whatever are you talking about?

Sez the man with the most posts :rolleyes:

Nah, ChiefDelphi isn’t addicting…
I don’t post on it instead of sleeping…

Chief Delphi is super addicting…there is no question about it. robotics can become an obsession and for some(like myself) addiction. Chief Delphi and The Blue Alliance are just components of the obsession we all seem to share on this awesome thing called robotics. i go on this more frequently than facebook or myspace or anything else combined. it is just flat out amazing. embrace the addiction! :smiley:

I’d say it is somewhat addicting. But I think that is a good thing. It proves that knowledge can be addicting. How cool is that? Now, if we could just get everyone addicted to knowledge, just think of what we can accomplish.:smiley:

Addicting? No. An incredibly useful source of information? Yes.

Well I have a lot of people I consider friends in robotics and most of them use CD so if there is no other way of talking to them it is a very useful tool. I mean if you just sat here and didnt do anything than maybe it might be addicting but its more of a communication tool for me. :slight_smile:

Addicting? That depends who you ask. My friends here at MIT who were on robotics teams in high school understand why I frequent it, those who don’t (like my roommate) don’t really understand.

I mean, I do spend a lot of time on Chief Delphi, especially during build season, but I also get good grades, do lots of extracurriculars, have friends and a social life, and (occasionally) sleep. :wink: If I need to do other things, I will, but I will admit I’m hooked.

ya…thats why i’m still on :yikes:

Though not the account with the most posts; that title goes to archiver.

You could argue the addictive qualities, but few addicting things are this useful. (That said, I don’t really worry about it while I’m away from the computer.)

If CD wasn’t addicting I might actually do work during 4th hour…Isn’t school lovely?

Mark my words the Archiver will fall before me!
I just need a few more Fantasy FIRST draft (or a hundred) and it will become a reality…

but no I’m not addicted.really I’m not…

I personally think doubling the post count of the 3rd place poster (myself) counts as another victory on your road to catching up with Archiver.
Looks like that won’t take you very long Ed! :yikes:

And, addicted? Me?
No. Not quite.
I only have a Total Post count of: 7,181 which equals out to (2.58 posts per day).

But that’s only been since sometime in 2001, so that’s not ***THAT ***bad right? :ahh: :stuck_out_tongue:

That link is very interesting. Among the tidbits: Dave Lavery’s son has more CD post than Mr. Lavery himself. Kyle Love has more posts than his (former) mentor, Andy Baker. There seems to be a great mixture of college students, alumni, and engineers among the high posters.