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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mafia?
Mafia, also known as Werewolf, is a party game created by Dmitry Davidoff, professor of Psychology at the Moscow State University, in 1986. The game sees an uninformed majority and an informed minority face off in a game of lies, strategy, and social deduction.

What is Forum Mafia?
Forum Mafia is a forum-based version of the party game, meant for play over the internet. Taking all of the best aspects of Mafia and combining them with the ease-of-use and global nature of internet forums has made Forum Mafia a unique social experience in which no two games are the same.

Why should I play Forum Mafia?
The heavy social and psychological elements of trying to lie without being caught or find the liars in your midst have drawn in millions of players over the years. There truly is nothing like it. Every game is a fun and unique experience - you will socialize in new ways as you learn to capitalize on the mistakes of others and learn from your own, seeking the thrill of victory and fearing the agony of defeat.

What are the different factions and win conditions?
Most games of Forum Mafia focus on a conflict between a Town faction and a Mafia faction. In general, the Town faction is significantly larger than the Mafia; however, only the Mafia know who their allies are. The Town must work to find their allies and eliminate the Mafia players, while the Mafia players must work together to stay hidden from the Town and gain majority control. Some games may also have third-party Neutral roles with their own win-conditions.

How does a game of Forum Mafia work?
Games of Forum Mafia are run by one or more Hosts, who assign each player a secret role, set rules and time limits for their game, and process actions made by players. Most games are split into several cycles, each with a day period (during which players may talk) and a night period (during which certain roles may perform actions on other players). The Mafia also usually have a separate chat they may use to plan their moves at any time.

How To Join A Game

If it is your first time playing Forum Mafia, welcome!

To join your first game, all you need to do is keep your eye on the #other:games-trivia category, and keep an eye out for a new FRC Mafia sign-up thread.

Most games will have a set number of players beforehand. If the game has not yet reached that capacity, all you need to do is reply to the thread with /join to get started!

If a game is full or has already started, you may instead respond to the sign-up thread with /backup to let the host know you’re ready to fill in for another player if they have to drop out or are kicked for being inactive.

Make sure to read the rules of each game you sign up for - procedures may vary from game to game, so be sure to read the entire sign-up post to be sure you understand the game’s time length, mechanics, and any other special rules the host(s) may have implemented.

Important Information

Affiliated Links

Current FM Moderators:

Note: FM Moderators are not to be confused with Chief Delphi moderators.

Game Archive

Common Statuses

  • Open - Applications to host this game are being accepted.

  • Queued - The game is being planned.

  • Sign-Ups - Players are being accepted.

  • Ongoing - The game is currently in progress.

  • Canned - The game has been ended early with no resolution.

  • Draw - The game ended with no victor.

  • Faction Win - The game ended with Faction declared victorious.

Standard Forum Mafia Games

Game Title Players Type Host(s) Status
FM1 A New Beginning 17 2x5 orangeandblack5, Kaitlynmm569 Town Win
FM2 DeadNight 17 ITA EricKline Ongoing
FM3 TBA 17 Semi-Open Kaitlynmm569, GoalkeeperBoss Queued
FM4 TBA 17 Mad17 JKBear331, Litten Queued
FM5 TBA 17 Mad17 Thequackmaster, TheFlash Queued
FM6 TBA 12 S.E. orangeandblack5, GoalkeeperBoss Queued
FM7 TBA 18 Open Quin Queued
FM8 Open
FM9 Open
FM10 S1 Playoffs A Open
FM11 S1 Playoffs B Open
FM12 S1 Championship GoalkeeperBoss Queued

Vanilla Forum Mafia Games

Game Title Players Type Host(s) Status
VFM1 Open

Special Forum Mafia Games

Game Title Players Type Host(s) Status
SFM1 PMFM 22 Closed Rolemadness orangeandblack5 Queued
SFM2 Open

Tiny/Turbo Forum Mafia Games

Game Title Players Type Host(s) Status
TFM1 Open

Experimental Forum Mafia Games

Game Title Players Type Host(s) Status
XFM1 Open

Legacy FRC Mafia Games

Game Players Type Host(s) Status
FRC Mafia 17 Closed alephzer0 Canned
FRC Mafia 2 13 Cop 13 orangeandblack5 Mafia Win
FRC Mafia 3 21 Open orangeandblack5 Mafia Win
FRC Mafia 4 - Game 1 10 Popcorn orangeandblack5 Town Win
FRC Mafia 4 - Game 1 v2 9 Popcorn orangeandblack5 Town Win
FRC Mafia 4 - Game 2 10 Popcorn orangeandblack5 Mafia Win
FRC Mafia 4 - Game 3 10 Popcorn orangeandblack5 Mafia Win
FRC Mafia 5 19 Semi-Open gellnick, Ian4467, GoalkeeperBoss Mafia Win
FRC Mafia 6 19 Open gellnick, EricKline Mafia Win
Short Game 1 19 Turbo typeusernamehere Mafia Win
FRC Mafia 7 17 Mad17 ash4fun, Thequackmaster, darth_tabor Mafia Win
Short Game 2 19 Turbo typeusernamehere Town Win
FRC Mafia 8 17 Mad17 JKBear331, Thequackmaster, darth_tabor Draw
FRC Mafia 0.1 Experimental 5 Open GoalkeeperBoss Town Win
FRC Mafia 9 17 Open Typeusernamehere, Cattypaws, JKBear331, goalkeeperboss Mafia Win
June Gloom 10 Popcorn EricH Mafia Win
FRC Mafia Invitational 15 Open EricKline Mafia Win
Mini Pre-M10 5 Open EricKline, gellnick Town Win
FRC Mafia 10 20 Multiball gellnick, TheFlash Town Win
FRC August Amp Up 1 4 Private JKBear331, Kaitlynmm569 Town Win
FRC Mafia 11 17 Open typeusernamehere, Kaitlynmm569 Town Win
FRC Mafia 12 16 Open JKBear331 Mika1820 Quin Town Win
FRC Mafia 13 20 ITA EricKline Town Win
FRC Mafia 14 23 Draft brandn03, Darth_Tabor Mafia Win
FRC Mafia 15 14 Open GoalkeeperBoss, Ari_2412 Town Win

Useful Links


Please do not respond to this thread.

It will remain unlocked, as I am not a moderator and cannot post on locked threads. However, it is meant to serve as a source of information, so please keep it clean.

If you have anything for me to add or change, please PM me about it.


Welcome to the Chief Delphi Mafia League!

Below is all the info on our new system that we will be running for the next year! Please read all the sections thoroughly!

Naming Conventions

FM games are season official games hosted during our on-season. These should strive to be fair and balanced and should be approved by all council members before they are allowed to be added to the queue.

Example: [Sign-Ups] FM 1

VFM games are Vanilla FM games, with emphasis put on standard Town-vs-Mafia gameplay. VFM games will include only standard roles and no special mechanics and can be either open or semi-open setups.

Example: VFM 2

SFM games are Special FM games, a category that basically contains everything that isn’t a VFM game. Any game with third-party roles, a closed setup, hidden mechanics, ITAs, or any other unique features should go here.

Example: [Sign-Ups] SFM 3

XFM games are test games, that are held with small groups of people, possibly in PM chats, designed to test new and uncertain game setups.

Example: XFM 4

Lastly, TFM games are for either Tiny FM games (less than 9 players) or Turbo FM games (phases under 12 hours, but generally turbos have phases measured in minutes, such as 15/5). These should be separate as they don’t take nearly as much effort to play or host, so can be run much more often.

Example: [Sign-Ups] TFM 5

Note that all the numbers are independent, and count the number each type of game that has been run up until that point.

Mafia Council

The mafia council is a 5 person team designed to handle any and everything mafia, and have the final say in all matters. Some responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

1. Being in charge of anything and everything to do with CD mafia.
2. Running the regular and off-season.
3. Running rankings systems, and MVP selection.
4. Finding our mafia champs candidate.
5. Final say in all rules violations.
6. In charge of the following years’ elections.
7. Keeping a strong relationship with CD mods/
8. Recruiting new players.
9. Cultivating the skills of veteran players.
10. Settling any disputes.
11. Delegating responsibilities as they see fit, to individuals or groups. This includes the removal of those responsibilities if necessary.
12. Creating a fun environment to play mafia in!

Keep in mind, you are voting in the best representative, not the best player

Elections will work as follows:

Signups will be the first week of November. One member of the current council will be in charge of running the elections. They will make two voting links, along with the voting thread.
Candidates will be asked to put in your CD username and a one-paragraph blurb on why you are running and why you should be elected. Candidates and voters must be an active member of the mafia community, and a list of active members will be made public.

After the initial sign-ups, all player profiles will be made public. A second survey will be posted with all of the candidates. You will be given the choice to pick your top 5 candidates in order. Your top pick will be given 5 points towards their total. 2nd pick will be given 4, and so on. In the event of a tie, a runoff election will be held to determine a winner between the tie. You can vote here! Voting will run as long as needed, but all results must be announced and public by the 1st of December. On the 1st the new council will take over.

Refer to this election as an example.

While there are no restrictions on the power of the council, they are encouraged to execute the wishes of the community and are able to do so however they see fit. This is the only mandatory elected positions, but the council is welcome to add as many additional positions or roles, or votes, as they see fit.

Regular Season

The CDFM will run a regular season almost parallel with the FRC season. The season will start on December 15th and the last season game will start May 1st. At the conclusion of this last game, the council will schedule 2 playoff games, each starting two weeks after the last, with the first one starting 1 week after the end of the last season game. Finally, the championship game will be held one week following the conclusion of the last playoff game.

Season games:

The first season game will start on the 15th of December. A new game will start every 2 weeks, resulting in 9 total season games. These games can be mod’ed by any player who has previously mod’ed a game, in any capacity and is currently an active member of CDFM. It is up to the mod to make his or her own setup, game, and rules, as long as it fits into FM and follows the same general set of rules from prior games. Each mod must sign up, make their setup, and get approval from council at least 2 weeks prior to their game starting. Signups must open at least 1 week prior to the game start. You can sign up here, and check the status of your game and others bellow.

These season games will be used to rank all participating members for general bragging rights, and for placement into the playoffs. Ranking information can be found below. Each member is asked to participate in 6 regular-season games if they wish to be ranked into the playoffs. You are welcome to participate in less, but will likely not qualify for playoffs. Anyone can play in-season games, not just active members. If you wish to sign up for more than 6 games, members that haven’t finished their six games will take priority, and you will be placed in the waitlist, if necessary.


The first playoffs signups will open promptly after the last season game and will start one week after the end of the last season game. These games can be mod’ed by anyone that mod’ed during the regular season, but you must sign up when the signup is made available, and then you will be chosen biased off of your mod feedback from your season game. There will be 2 playoff games, each starting 2 week after the last. Those who qualify for the playoffs will be allowed to sign up for either game they wish. These games must be in FM and follow the same general set of rules from prior games, but are expected to be mostly vanilla.

If you were an MVP from any of the 9 season games, you are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. This could result in a maximum of 9 MVP spots, but more likely will be less. The rest of the 20 spots will be filled by the remaining players, in order of the highest to lowest rank (see rankings). In the event of a tie, discobot will be used. These 20 players will pick the game that best fits their schedule. The top 15 players by score, minus the 1-2 MVP’s, will be invited into the championship


The Championship game will be hosted one week following the end of the last playoff game. It will be mod’ed by the designated mafia council member for this year @goalkeeperboss, who will be ineligible for playoff and championship contention. This game will be to determine the winner for this season of mafia. At the end of the game, one final vote will be made (see rankings), and the player with the best score will be crowned the champion. Note that if you get named MVP of the championship, you are still not guaranteed the championship crown, as that will take into account season long performance. This game should be VERY vanilla, and follow very strict and clear rules.


All rankings are the responsibility for the mod to hold at the end of their season game. Mods during non-season games are heavily encouraged to hold a vote for MVP using the same system, but are welcome to not, or implement their own system.

The ranking system is simple. Following every game, the games mod will send out a link to a survey like this. This will allow for each player to enter their name, and pick 5 players they felt were the best during this specific game. They will be asked to not take into account how long they survived or what roll they were, but rather how well they performed given their roll and how long they survived. They will also be asked to provide feedback on their mod for that game.

The total number of votes any given player received, will be their score for that game, and that will be compared against all others to rank them. Players are not only allowed, but encouraged to vote themselves, to ensure that every player gets at least one point for playing in a season game. Once voting has taken place, the master rankings sheet will be updated with scores, and the MVP for the game (the player with the most points during that game) will be named.

What will this look like?

During the regular season, after each game, the vote will be held, the MVP will be named (this securing their spot in the playoffs), and all points will be added to your total score. The current standings will be public in the mafia hub so you can always go to check where you stand. Following each game, it will be updated.

To ensure that larger games don’t give their players an unfair advantage, your score for all given games will be averaged with the number of players in that game, before being added to your season total. Note, that while “average” score will be with the ranking information, it is not used for rankings, just total score. The average is to give you a better idea of how you compare, given you might not have played the same number of games as someone else.

At the end of the 9 games, the top x players needed to fill the remaining spots for the playoffs will be pulled. If you play more than 6 games during the regular season, you may not participate in voting for any regular-season games after your 6th, either by placing votes or receiving votes.

Once the playoffs start, all points are now worth double. The same voting procedures will be taking place. The top 15 players, minus the 1-2 MVP’s will be invited to the championship.

All championship votes will be tripled, and then added to the total from the season games and the playoff. The player with the most total votes from all 3 portions of the season will be named the champion. While the MVP of the championship game is still a proud achievement, it is independent of the champion crown. This is to prevent teams from working against each other or taking drastic strategies as a hail Mary for the MVP.

At the conclusion of the championship, all players are now ranked with their final score. All rankings will be updated promptly, and will be visible in the mafia hub.

Mafia Champs Election

Because Mafia Champs does not line up with our regular season, the Champion from the regular season cannot be our representative. We will be having an independent
nomination for our Mafia Champs representative.

The elected member should be considered one of the best of the CDFM, be extremely active for the game, and be a good representative for CD as a whole.

The election will be similar to MVP voting, in some respects, but feature more election rounds. Every active player of the CDFM community gets to pick their top 5 members of the CDFM community, with each vote carrying equal weight. Once the initial round of voting has finished, the top 5 candidates will be announced, with any tie’s being settled by a short runoff, between the two players in question . Once the 5 candidates have been announced, a second election will take place between the top 5, where each CDFM member can pick their top 2 candidates. After this election, the top 2 candidates will be announced, with any ties being broken by a short runoff. A final election will take place, where every CDFM member will vote for their top remaining candidate. If a tie takes place on the final election, the candidate will be chosen by Discobot.

While the elections will have a required name section, the individual votes will not be made public. The election will be run when deemed appropriate by mafia council, likely in April.

Season Sign Ups

Game: Players Game Type Host(s) Status
FM1 17 2x5 orangeandblack5, Kaitlynmm569 Town Win
FM2 17 Open EricKline N/A
FM3 17 Semi-Open Kaitlynmm569, Goalkeeperboss N/A
FM4 17 TBD JkBear331, Litten N/A
FM5 17 Mad17 Thequackmaster, TheFlash N/A
FM6 12 S.E. orangeandblack5, GoalkeeperBoss N/A
FM7 18 Open Quin N/A
FM10-Playoff1 10 N/A N/A N/A
FM11-Playoff2 10 N/A N/A N/A
FM12-Championship 15 N/A GoalkeeperBoss N/A

Rankings! (As of FM1)

Rank Name Score Games Average MVP’s
1 Ash4fun .875 1 .875 1
2 brandn03 .750 1 .750 0
3 GoalkeeperBoss .688 1 .688 0
4 Deadbananas .438 1 .438 0
5 EricKline .375 1 .375 0
6 Squirrel2412 .375 1 .375 0
7 darth_tabor .375 1 .375 0
8 Litten .313 1 .313 0
9 gellnick .250 1 .250 0
10 Arete .188 1 .188 0
11 Bepwei .125 1 .125 0
12 Oroarmor .063 1 .063 0
13 Ari_2412 .000 1 .000 0
14 clonedcheese .000 1 .000 0
15 thequackmaster .000 1 .000 0
16 JKBear331 .000 1 .000 0
17 Hyperdrive .000 1 .000 0
18 Cattypaws .000 0 .000 0
19 EricH .000 0 .000 0
20 hopelessdiamond2412 .000 0 .000 0
21 k.aylee2412 .000 0 .000 0
22 Kaitlynmm569 .000 0 .000 0
23 Mika1820 .000 0 .000 0
24 Mink .000 0 .000 0
25 Mr.Mascot .000 0 .000 0
26 orangeandblack5 .000 0 .000 0
27 quin .000 0 .000 0
28 RuthJP .000 0 .000 0
29 Scout6088 .000 0 .000 0
30 SergeantSpork5853 .000 0 .000 0
31 snowmaninblack .000 0 .000 0
32 TheFlash .000 0 .000 0
33 TheRealJamesOo .000 0 .000 0
34 typeusernamehere .000 0 .000 0

No posts should be made in this thread! Please refer any questions to an old dead chat and ping a council member, or PM a council member