Chief Delphi games bot


I’ve been reading through Discourse’s API for bots and I think it could make a lot of the things in the games category much easier for the people organizing the games. For example with mafia it could automatically count votes, delete messages of dead players or players not in the game, lock the thread for day and night cycles, dm roles, dm night messages, etc. You could also have something like in the Caption Contests where it keeps the scores and Billfred can input the first, second, honorable mentions, the -infinity, and any other features he wants in there.

I was wondering what the community’s opinion is on having a bot like this and if the mods would allow a bot like this.


FF is WAY ahead of you.

I’m not sure if it’ll be in Discord, Discourse, or one of each–but we’re working on automating the processes we use. Should cut down on human error a bit. Current automation is an Excel spreadsheet.


imo from having made a discord bot and looking at the Discourse API it looks much easier to make a discord bot especially with which allows you to code a bot in python.


I’m not the one making it–I’m a MechE who can understand programming but not necessarily program–so I’m not sure which it’ll be.