Chief Delphi Invitational?

I know about the chief delphi invitational and how awesome it is. I was wondering if there is going to be another this year, and if so, is there any specific information on it. My team would love to go, we just need some specifics…

I would imagine any updates would be in the Chief Delphi Invitational Forum. Keep checking there! :slight_smile:

The CDI would be in November, if there was one. That is usually decided in August/September-ish, I believe. Keep an eye open, we will definitely make it known if the CDI is returning.

We are going to try to do something. Planning is all. We will noodle about it in spring and make some decisions over the summer. Stay tuned…

Joe J.

Any updates on a CDI for 2004?

At this point I will say that there will not be a traditional CDI Event. Many factors entered into this decision: Engineers travelling to other countries for work, cost, usage of gym, busy schedule because of OCCRA, and many more.

If this changes I will post here.