Chief Delphi logo glitch


I noticed a minor glitch with the CD logo.

Here’s a gif of it happening. When you go from light theme to dark theme or vice versa the chief part of the chief delphi logo disappears. This goes away once you reload the page or load a different page.

This is a really small glitch but I thought I would just bring it to the mod’s attention.


Its just getting washed out by the background. it fixes when you reload cause the logo color changes based on the theme (but it wont update as you change the theme as theres probably nothing for it to look if the theme changed and to force update without a refresh.)


Yeah, looking at the DOM in the Chrome debugger when the switch is made you can see it swap the theme’s CSS file. However, the image source is in the HTML tag instead of the CSS file, which is why it isn’t swapping dynamically. There are 2 seperate logo files, which must be loaded only when the page loads initially.