Chief Delphi Project?

I recently posted a MAR offseason scouting document. And then I made this
and thought it could become like a chief delphi project because there are so many teams with access to chief delphi.
Basically there are several columns for a team’s facebook, website, youtube, etc. and you would choose to fill them out. Anyone can edit it through the link. :slight_smile:
If anyone wants to do more then one team, try to do the teams without chief delphi access first.

Seems like a great resource with easy access. Plus you already have a good framework. I added my teams info!

Added my team’s info as well.

EDIT: I also have a dump of all the team homepages that FIRST has on record; I’ll see if I can dig that up for you.
EDIT 2: Found it. I’m adding it to the table currently.
EDIT 3: And… Done.

Info added.

EDIT: I was looking for this at the time of the post, but couldn’t find it until now. This might be helpful for you:

Added info for my team! :slight_smile:

Cool resource, thanks!

Added the 1523 youtube, and facebook page

They are offset by one, for example, my team (2495) is listed as having a website at, and the team above us has

EDIT: Nevermind, somehow just our site and the one above us got switched. I can’t tell if I did that or if it was entered that way

EDIT AGAIN: Okay, so the websites were actually listed in the proper order. My teams row in general is in the wrong place. 2495 is listed under 2496

You worried me for a second :stuck_out_tongue:

I went ahead swapped your row position with 2495 like you said, and everything seems A-okay.

Everything seems good now.

Thanks for adding your info everyone. :slight_smile:
I’ll probably be updating the colored teams and links every one or two days.

Just added my team’s Facebook and Twitter pages. (Other info was already there.)

Added Team2410’s Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube account. Noted where our blog is. Just a side note, our twitter and Facebook are linked, so the updates will be the same.

I put 2705’s twitter, Facebook page and youtube up there

907’s Youtube, Facebook, and Website have been added.

Updated my team and fixed the headings yesterday, but was wondering what do all the colours mean?

Green means they have it, red means they don’t or it hasn’t been found yet. And the purplish color is just to say all this teams info has been added.

Which reminds me, if you add your team’s info feel free to change the colors. :slight_smile:

I can do one better, conditional formating :slight_smile: