Chief Delphi Simulator 2018

Hey all,

As a fun project I decided to scrape a bunch of old Chief posts and throw them at a Markov chain to create a bunch of “fake” computer-generated CD posts. Currently, I have about 40,000 posts downloaded (~23 MB database). A small sampling of my results:

CAD modeling though, rather than animation Still good to have.

I believe belt failure was inevitable at some point it changed to a CIM-ple Box.

The other alternative is to put nearly everything on the list.

Lady starter kit.

The FREE VEX IQ Curriculum For ES/MS, but has a crank in the back of a pickup easily.

Was it to save space.

Director of FRC is using a detachable mechanism.

The Daleks, was the winner of a regional Rookie All Star, I have a lot of intrinsic knowledge of it?

Still on the fence.

Is talon firmware 1.4?

difficultOh, I also forgot to mention something.

XBox controllers, and hall effect encoders to put an egg plant up there..

Anyway, for anyone interested, you can find the source code here. It’s written in Ruby, I’m storing the text in an SQLite database, and I’m using MarkyMarkov to generate the sentences. Currently I’m using chains of depth 3 though I might play around with that as I get more data.

No gifs, highly disappointed.

I think we’ve finally found a suitable replacement for the third funniest person on CD. A non-sentient word analysis bot.

I recently (May-ish) downloaded all posts from CD for a project of my own. Feel free to reach out if you’d like the HTML as a tarball; it might shave a week or so off of your scraping.

I need to do this with Marshall’s slack messages. If we can get it to post gifs I think we can replace him entirely and avoid any more unfortunate PR incidents.

What are you talking about? EricH is sentient…

Wot, no sammich?

Create a unique bot for each user that has >1000 posts, then give them a starting post and let them all respond to simulate a whole thread. I’d love to see how I would react to a topic I haven’t considered.

I’ve been trying to keep my post count down so I’m tougher to simulate.

If you don’t have enough posts you get thrown into a hybrid pool with everyone on your team. I’d think carefully about if you really want to have your consciousness melded with Matt Lythgoe’s.

I’ve been steadily increasing the entropy of my posts to throw bad data into the mix. On the plus side, I’m even harder to predict. On the downside, there are people on CD who say mean things to me.

Does that include people on our teams who have over 1,000 posts?

Has the Markov chain come up with the infamous “But do you do field relative positioning through non linear state estimation?” post yet?

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how many [strike]wins[/strike] neural nets ya got?

When is the last time we talked in person to confirm that?

I’ve been here on what, since 2006? I’d hate to see how my high school self influences my bot self.

How can this be a real CD simulator without comments randomly accusing various teams of having mentor built robots?

It’d be really interesting to split up the input posts by multi-year time chunks and see the top handful of results for different eras of FRC.

Einstein interference
Something something collaboration mentor-built
Drill motors
Nobody Pushes Truck Town!!!

If you haven’t found it yet, /r/subredditSimulator may be of interest.