Chief Delphi Ventures System

Ok – let me try … I don’t explain things good, sometimes :slight_smile:

The odds are used when figuring out how many points to award to each winner. They are based on the number of points they wagered, along with the amount of points wagered on that result, and the amount of points wagered on the whole event.

So – if few people bet on an outcome (such as Detroit, in our test case) the odds are very high. If those few people were to win – that would be a large sum of points, split among a small amount of people:

small bet * big odds [minus some winning fees, etc] = WinningsA

It works the same way if Houston were to win… There are alot of bets for Houston, as you can see by the low odds. If Houston is the winning outcome, there is a large sum of points, split among a large amount of people:

bet * small odds [minus some winning fees, etc] = WinningsB

WinningsA = WinningsB

So, the winnings are always the same, they’re just divided differently, based on the points wagered & players wagering against the winning outcome.

uh, is this a bad thing…?

Maximum Number of Bets: 2
Your Remaining Bets: 0
You have wagered: 3

i was fooling around, and placed my two bets on houston. i noticed it said i had one more bet left, so i figured what the heck, bet it on houston again. then i got what’s above. anyone else get more than the max number of bets?

*Originally posted by Ian W. *
**uh, is this a bad thing…? **

Yep – but thats why we’re doing this test.

I’ll look into it.


[edit]Oh. You wagered 3 points. Not 3 times. I’ll label that better.[/edit]

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[minus some winning fees, etc]

I like that :slight_smile:

Well… I’d just thought that i’d try to do some of this stuff now, rather that finding out the hard way.

Looking though the source for your pages, and entering in bad post vars trying to crack your code. So far, i really havn’t found anything. (sigh of relief from brandon :slight_smile: )

Unfortunately, I have allready placed by two bets, so i really can’t see the source of that. (To see it there are any loop holes in the submit forum)

BUT… I did notice that you just commented out the quickbets.
<td align=“left”><a href="/forums/ventures.php?s=MY_SID&action=eventdetail&quickbet=4ba29b9f9e5732ed33761840f4ba6c53&eventid=3">
<font class=“nf”>quickbet</font></a></td>

I’m not sure if i could use that to do anything yet, but i’d think that you could just pull it once the final bet has been made.

Note: right now, i’ve turned off cookies (going though ?s=xxxxx&…) and am seeing if i can spoof the links. I’ll look into cookies tommorrow.

As i said before, i can’t see the source from the submiting forum, but once you open up another thing, i’ll look into that


PS: Brandon, if i even found anythink that i thought was a real hole, i wouldn’t post it. I’d pm you. ( :slight_smile: I’m not that dumb - Expose a security hole to the entire world before the developer knew )

PPS: What is quick bet intended to do?

Another Question:

In the eventlist (thats what you call it in the url ?action=eventlist) would there ever be more that one row?

I can’t see how, but just wanted to know.

PS: Should i be posting all the Q’s here, or by pm, or what?

You can ask here – some others may want to know.

The event list will have all events for that particular category. So each regional will have a bunch of events listed, with detail links on them.

Quickbet: In some events, there will be multiple drop-downs, rather than just one as there is in our test case. So – if you see a bet that someones already made – and are lazy, click ‘quickbet’ and it will populate your bet form with that bet data. Its for the lazy people among us :wink:

It only shows up when you can bet. If you can’t – it disappears. It’s commented out there because I was being lazy. Eventually it will be gone, instead of commented out.

I have “pretty good” ™ security on all of the major functionality forms & their submit pages. So, you could by-pass the form, and directly post to the submit page – but the same security check will happen at both places – preventing people trying to bet when they shouldnt, etc.

I think that answers the bulk of the questions :slight_smile:

ask away – i dont mind – :slight_smile:

What is the purpose of hiding the odds until the bets are placed?

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**What is the purpose of hiding the odds until the bets are placed? **

Well … there were a few reasons. The maximum # of bets per event ties into this too. We didn’t want people to be betting for things just because of the odds – or to be betting on events in a way to drive odds up/down on certain outcomes. So, we figured we would hide the odds until one bet has been placed. If you want to bet once and lose 1 turn + points wagered – go for it – but we’re hoping that people are thinking about the teams when betting… and not the odds. So, after you wager, the odds will come up and you can see what odds your bet has.

That is what I figured, and what I hoped the reasoning was :slight_smile:


Is there any way to see how we bet to compare to the outcome?

*Originally posted by Jay5780 *

Is there any way to see how we bet to compare to the outcome? **

Hmm… I think you could check your log, but you’re right, it would be better if you could see how you bet. (The data is in the db allreay, all brandon needs is a few minutes to throw some display code together. :))


Heres what I was thinking… maybe…

On the ‘Bets/Odds’ list, I would put a star, or highlight the row, next to the row(s) you bet. I would also put some sort of identifier to show which row(s) was a winner.

How about the number of points bet instead?

HEY BRANDON! GUESS WHO WON! dlavery! What a surprise :rolleyes:

*Originally posted by Jack *
**How about the number of points bet instead? **

Good idea.


  • show amount bet
  • highlight winning rows
  • add a bunch of events for this year
  • devise payday schedule & initial bank amount