Chief Delphi vs. Reddit vs. Others(?)

I’ll start with this: Yes, I’ve seen other threads from a few years back on this topic.

Anyway, FRC alum here and I’m writing a college paper about how a certain online discourse of my choosing is a response to the more mainstream discourse. I’ve chosen to write about Chief Delphi since it is fairly obscure but has a very loyal user base and is very different from most modern social media platforms. I agree with a number of the responses in the above thread, but I’d like to see if the opinions there have changed or intensified through the years. If you could, tell me your opinion on this topic or Chief Delphi as a whole. I plan on pulling quotations from this thread.

Any responses here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Reddit seems pretty dead when I occasionally check it. I think I could get used to the format if there was more activity there than CD.
FIRST Forums is even more dead than reddit, format is presumably similar to CD but it doesn’t matter if there is no one there.
Discord is alright, I check in every once in a while. Works super well for getting a response quick. Seems hard to put out detailed thoughts though, and many of my posts are very long. Also the search function of CD is much better. I think if discord ever usurped CD as the primary social platform I would have to do some blogging in addition to using discord


I prefer Chief Delphi to Discord because of the more natural threading and less intermixed conversations. I realize that you can thread in Discord but they still scroll away and are hard to find and people don’t use threading well. CD is threaded by its very nature.

As for Reddit, it could work as well as CD but /r/FRC doesn’t have quite the dedicated knowledgeable base that Chief Delphi does. Also reddit may be restricted at some work sites as a social site and allows adult content. I doubt many sites restrict Chief Delphi as social just because it isn’t well known outside FRC/FTC/FLL and it does not allow adult content.


While you’ve probably seen it…

CD has uniqueness for the extremely deep and specific technical knowledge of the folks who post regularly. As long as people can form questions well (or are willing to be a bit patient as the others work through questions), there’s a lot of very complex problems which can get solved well. Lots of folks here still remember “the way things were” and bring that knowledge to bear.

The Discord server is similar, though (anecdotally) the crowd seems a bit younger. Lots of recent alumni, which leads to lots of technical solutions being focused on recently-available hardware and software.

r/FRC has… I don’t even know what kind of crowd. r/FRCMemes is even less comprehensible to me. Though I did feel very honored that one time I was in one of them!

All of these things are organic, and will evolve with time. For example, a lot of the technical knowledge that used to be archived on CD has migrated to the wpilib docs in one form or another. I’d also make a guess that a full implementation of Discord Threads on the server would evolve it into “CD2”.

I think it’s important to identify that the nature of a lot of these online communities stems from the nature of the underlying people. While the not-face-to-face aspect of all the online communities often leads to some… different… social interactions, there really is a huge group of enthusiastic, passionate, and open folks driving the content. It’s a community which is dead set on making the world a better place in all sorts of creative and technical ways, and it really shows through. The platforms we see are just a subset of the tools that happen to be available for doing that.


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