Chief Delphi Web Hug Tickets Gone

Ok, now that the 17th has passed, there are no more tickets available.

You can print your tickets out here, if you haven’t.

There were 389 tickets given to 267 users. There will be somewhere between 10-20 winners … I forgot exactly how many prizes we have. You can only win once, so if your first ticket is pulled, your second one won’t count.

You must be present (with your ticket) to win. See you there. Set up a text reminder, so you don’t forget.

Save paper, print two on one page?
I just turned the paper around and printed the second on the same page.

See y’all there. :slight_smile:


So, do I win anything since I got lucky enough to get my team number on my webhug ticket?

I think you win proof that you are lucky, but maybe that is not enough for you.

Another reason why Brandon rocks!!! :cool: