ChiefDelphi Awards

Most forums I’ve been on have had this kind of thing. It’s just like the Grammy’s, you nominate people for awards relating to the topic of the forum (in this case, FIRST) then you have the forums vote on it. Has this ever been done before, is anyone willing to set one up?

I remember last year at the national webhug there were some awards of some sort given out.

Well, at the webhug at championships there are awards, such as most reputation given (JVN), most spotlighted quotes (Dave Lavery) and the most replies to a non-chitchat post (Bree Munoz for Championship - Who’s staying where).


I’m talking about online, there’s a vBulletin award plugin, where you can give… awards. A n image designated for the award would be shown next to the username of the winner. Stuff kind of like

Most Helpful
Best Programmer
Best Animator

Usually youe see things like
best avatar
best signature
best newest poster
best poster

That’s the kind of stuff I was talking about, now that I know it exists… so mods can close this thread if they want.

Okay and Thanks for the suggestions.
Mr Martus usually gives out the awards at the webhug at the Championship event. We will take these ideas and see if we can come up with something.
Stay tuned and after we have a chance to determine the award, format, and such we’ll post something.