ChiefDelphi content on your site!

Ok, so you want to have the last thread activity on your webpage?




You can append which forums you are interested in, also:**&forumids=2,3,4,5

How do you use these?
**If people want to post their code that parses these formats, go right ahead. If I come up with some in the future I will post them, but for right now all I can do is provide you with these vB3 resources to work with.

Awesome I’m going to have to find a place ot put this on my team’s website.

that’s awsome, did you have this back in vb2 and i just missed it?

We had a few things similar to this. Instead of bringing them back, I just decided to use these, which were included in vB3.

Can anyone show me an example of this being used on a website?

While not the ChiefDelphi feed, my friend Egg has the Slashdot feed on his website, It is down on the left.

This is similar to what would show on your website. I havn’t fiddled with it, but it looks like it will output “‘Robotics Web Log’, ‘RoboCoder’, ‘01-05-2004’, ‘05:04 AM’”, and you can format that on your website as you see fit.


Yeah. These only provide you with the data. You must have the code & know-how to get it from the data feed to some kind of output on your website.

Once things settle down (hah) I will make a few examples. Anybody who’s got this working … feel free to post some examples of your own. :slight_smile:

top left. except those are really old from back when the old chief delphi was up. and since I see the format of the xml changed… the new posts do not show up yet

Neato. Thanks. If anyone gets the new feed up, plese link.

NRG has a feed up:

You can view the source here:

I was looking through the php script found in the repository and was trying to figure out how to access the thread id value so that i could create a link to that specific thread using the url[the desired thread #]. Is this possible? or is there some other way of doing it?

Well its up on our site now.

I added the RSS feed to Evolution (my mail client)



The best place I have found to use the RSS is on my Google homepage since it allows you to include any rss feeds you know of.

I was wondering if it would be possible to get a link to an rss feed of the forums we have on the portal since those are so easy to select and trying to find the forum id’s take a little effort.

There are now XML and RSS2 links, which use the ‘external.php’ detailed above. It automatically compiles a list of forumid’s that you have preconfigured. That should save you some time, if you actually use it.

If you reconfigure any of the forums showing on the portal, that XML feed link will change … you will have to change it in your feed reader, though.

Thanks Brandon, I just tried it in Google and it works except there is the problem of the title tag in the RSS2 file including all the forum id numbers which don’t seem necessary (since they are arbitrary) and make it so I need to scroll side to side on the web page.

Fixed. :wink:

I have found this really usefull. I use it on firefox right on the toolbar so i can check at a moments notice

I just noticed that the id numbers are showing up again in the title of the rss tag.

Upgrade issue. Should be fixed now.