Chiefdelphi feature request

Is there a way to make a mobile device formatted version of chiefdelphi? similar to you would have access to the info but cut alot of the things that slow the site down.

For example if you jut had a mobile formated page that had nothing but the new threads (no signatures, or avatars, scaled for small screens) it would be just fine. I can view the full chiefdelphi on my mobile but it is skewed and with all the external images on the site it makes it difficult to browse with ease.


Been thinking about this too. I spend way too much time waiting for EDGE to kick in to Overdrive on my phone while browsing Delphi.


FIRST mobile, oh deer just what I need, I have trouble paying attention in class as is.

Ps. This message was sent from my Mechatronics and Feedback Controls lab :frowning: lol.

As Art pointed out in that other thread, your best bet (for now) is to use the archive:

I looked for a mobile theme, but it wouldn’t handle all the custom stuff (CD-Media, CD-Events, etc.). The ones I did find for just the forum stuff weren’t all that great.


would there be a way to make a portal type page for the archive? that way you could see recent threads instead of trying to find them in their sub forums?

I’ve thought about making a portal page that just shows the right side thread listing on the portal. Clicking the links in that will take you to the archive version of the thread. Now that I think about it, that may not be too hard. Once I get moved into my house, I’ll work on it – so give me a few weeks.

Not quite a feature request, but some other posts made me realize that CD still doesn’t have a clearly stated, easily found Privacy Policy. Given the amount of info to be garnered from the database (email address, IP address, interests, average Mountain Dew/Krispy Kreme consumption) I think a reasonable Privacy Policy would be a good thing to have, even if we don’t really think Brandon is likely to sell us out to PepsiCo. Plus, I’m not entirely certain if CD is currently compliant with COPPA regulations. COPPA only applies to commercial websites, which I wouldn’t usually classify CD as. But with the advent of ad space, donations, and paid subscriptions, a little research into this area probably wouldn’t hurt.

can’t you choos e you screen size when you create an account?
idk if it would help but i mean have a account for your phone and one for your computer

For one you can’t have multiple accounts, it’s in the forum rules.

Two, Quick Links --> Edit Options --> Scroll to the bottom --> A. 100% B.980px

100% might work, but theres not area to just input a pixel amount.

Is it just me, or are the newests posts in that archive from 2001?
Is there a text only version of everything fairly current? (Like from the daily backups or whatever?)

It is. VB was being a pain in the rear bumper by changing the sort order of the archives. So for instance, the newest posts in the General Forum are on page 33, page 1 is the start of the archives. It’s a really retarded feature.

In the top right corner there is a url labeled “PDA” if you click it everything goes to most recient first.