ChiefDelphi: good or bad?

Are we married to discourse? I get that vBulletin is no longer an option, but is it time to consider other alternatives that may better suit the discussion board format?

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Please don’t make me learn something new for at least 10 years. I’ll lose being able to use the sunk cost fallacy for why I can’t learn discord.


considering the amount of time it took to migrate last time (just the downtime/account restting/bug fixing itself, this ignores the years leading up to it) id assume that it isint an appealing option unless absolutely needed.

Obviously, im not Brandon, and I dont speak for him in any capacity.

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Essentially people are listening to respond not to discuss and that is a HUGE problem.

I don’t think a platform switch changes that.

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I agree with both of the statements above.

This is worth a thoughtful discussion. Probably best to start a new topic for that, since it transcends the relative merits of CD vs. other places for online discussion.

Testing my own motivation (learning vs. responding) with a three-step self-assessment has helped me; or I should say it has helped when I stopped to think long enough to apply it:

  • Does this need to be said?
  • Does it need to be said now?
  • Does it need to be said by me?

The test above can be usefully applied to potential questions, as well as statements of opinion.


You sound as old as I am.

Interacting with Ether’s posts was my favorite thing to do on CD. Reading, rederiving, downloading, re-coding and generally just better understanding. It is hugely disappointing that his library of information is less accessible now. I believe that is a significant loss for the community. Has anyone downloaded all that content and created another ‘repository?’

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It’s all still here. Paper: 4 wheel independent drive & independent steering ("swerve")

Or maybe a better search link - Search results for '@Ether #cd-media-papers' - Chief Delphi


I get it; they’re ‘there’ but it isn’t the same. Maybe its just me.


Similarly, I find it helpful to wait a few beats between typing and hitting “Reply”. Often after waiting a bit I decide that it was a good exercise in getting my thoughts in order but probably wouldn’t contribute much to the discussion.


As the author of at least one novel that many would consider “Trashy,” I approve of this message.


And/or to utterly ignore certain users, regardless of what they post.

Richard, Richard, Richard - Don’t you know that (contrary to the famous jurist’s claim) the world is created anew every morning, especially on the Internet?

You should never use 30 seconds of research to look for an expert answer to a question, or (Heaven forfend!) attempt to build on the successes (or discussion conclusions) of those who have come before you. Silly notions like that might lead leaving threads UNLOCKED! when they are more than a month old.

Instead just always believe that no one has come before you, that no topic that ever pops into your head has ever been discussed thoroughly before, that you are the first to ever notice or ask about something, and that the opinions 5 random chuckleheads gave you in the last five minutes are more valuable than the facts supplied by world class experts 5 years ago.

Recover formal knowledge? Rigorous notation?



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Yes, Blake. Of course you are right. What was I thinking?

Every new generation reinvents culture, art, language, music, and sex. And, most especially, knowledge.

That is why old people are so ignorant.

History is bunk. (Who said that? Wasn’t me!)


I have revised my opinion, Chief Delphi is bad


Was it this post?

Yeah, me too. How do I delete my account?

I assume this is sarcastic, but DM Brandon and account go poof

After this banana thread… bad… very bad… someone please set the servers on fire.


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