ChiefDelphi is currently 1% of all Discourse usage?

Hi and welcome to my data blog.

Therefore, ChiefDelphi, during not build season is already 1% of all Discourse usage!


That’s amazing! And this isn’t even our final form!


final form!

Please don’t be a pun. Please don’t be a pun.


It would be really interesting to see how big Chief Delphi is compared to other forums because the power of the FIRST community can be pretty impressive.

I am not sure I would believe those stats. It also says 31k posts in the last 7 days, but it has been down for 5 of those. I would guess it is in a artifact of the migration.

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This is an excellent point! Either there’s way /more/ posting on ChiefDelphi (since 5 days aren’t counting), or there is way /less/ posting and it’s counting some of the migration activity.

We can wait a week and find out!

Jan 5th and 6th will tell. That has to be the biggest hits of the year…

Most Discords are ghosttowns, so not surprised CD is at 10% or more

Discourse != Discord :roll_eyes:

Names too similar

Based upon the most recent numbers (64k CD posts in last 30 days out of 4.1 million total Discourse posts), we’re now north of 1.5% of total monthly Discourse usage.