ChiefDelphi WAI Pins

You’ve seen them, the “WAI” <Insert Name Here> photos with either goofy, random, profound, inspiring, or plain contextual surroundings. Yet so rarely do those ever translate to recognizing someone at competitions!

So perhaps, as an additional way to show the CD forums support, someone could come up with the design and manufacturing for CD pins or buttons (I prefer pins) that may be sold either on the CD website or perhaps AndyMark’s website.

The idea is simple: visually show our support for the CD community at competition while identifying ourselves to each other. That’s right, it’s a real life “WAI on CD” followed by a CD username. Another option would be to simply sell pins with the CD logo and colors and no text. The results would be further enriched conversation throughout the competition season and an ever-expanding network of “who’s who” in the FIRST community.

What do you guys think?

I think it is a good idea to be recognized, that is why I use my everyday name on CD and wear a name badge to events.

I love the idea of a CD pin. That’s very cool.

It would be a great addition to a letter jacket or letter sweater. :slight_smile:

If I go to a robotics event where CDers are likely to be, I wear a nametag. It has the stuff on the left side of my profile (avatar, WAI, name, that sort of stuff) and orange-and-black bars to bracket it and make it look nice. I put it in a plastic clip-on nametag of the sort you’d get at any trade show or something of that nature, then clip to my shirt.

Edit: the attached picture, which is an example of what I do, was done in about 5 minutes just by doing a printscreen (from this thread, no less!), cropping, and adding a pair of bars on top and bottom in Publisher, then grouping and saving. It would, of course, be clearer when in a nametag.

I agree with Al here. If your username is your name, it isn’t too hard to find a CDer if they are a volunteer, referee, or other person at a competition with a name tag. If you not volunteering things get harder.

What I could see happen is buttons be made with the CD 47 orange logo with a blank spot underneath. You could set up a system of ordering pins here on CD and then they would be shipped to a “representative” for the regional who hands out the pins to people who signed up and put a label in the blank spot with the persons username. A few extras would ordered in case some CDers didn’t exactly get the memo. All would pay $5 to cover the cost of manufacture and shipping with the extra going to Chief Delphi to help cover the costs of maintaining this site!

That is how I could see this idea take flight.

The hope would be that the profits generated by the sales would be dontated to the CD website for upkeep and bandwidth. I like BrendanB’s idea, being that it’s the easiest to implement this close to competitions.

I definitely like this idea. This would make approaching people a lot easier. Instead of awkwardly shuffling up to someone and saying “Hey…are you…[name]? From CD? Yeah, I’m [name], nice to meet you,” greeting each other could be made a lot less awkward (coming from someone who doesn’t have this kind of social skill).

Question - by “CD logo”, are you referring to the favicon, or the old Chief Delphi team logo, or something else that I’m not seeing?

Just be sure that, whatever design you choose, it’s different from the traditional team pins/swag that a lot of people cluster on their shirts.

I like the idea. I think having a script that will make a small printable circle with your WAI and nick name would be a good add on for CD.

My 1714 uniform has a patch with “Chris” on it. For IRI, I was going to get an Avery label and write “is me” on it…

I’ve seen it done where people just print out the postbit and tape it to their shirt.

I’m sufficiently bored before Kickoff, so I’ll see if I can make a script that makes a standard small button label with a WAI and username when given a CD profile. It doesn’t sound too hard…

I would suggest that the old Chief Delphi logo be used. Look at the tab for CD on your computer screen up top. It sticks out unlike the purple one for team 51 and when I think of Chief Delphi, that is what immediately comes to mind. Good old 47!

To make it stand out, which it should, maybe we could make it a square button instead of the traditional circle buttons.

This is somewhat related but very apart from the main inquiry of the thread, but how do people manage to have 2 pictures beside the name? Is it automatically added when a user posts a picture with a “WAI” tag?

Yes, that puzzled me for a while. I thought it was given out by moderators. :]

It’s not automatically done. If you upload a picture with the tag “whoami”, when the picture is approved, you’ll be able to go to it, and hit the little nametag button, and viola, you have a nice little WAI picture next to your username. Or at least, that’s how I believe it works. I haven’t changed mine in so long :confused:

Interesting, a pin to show you survived CD? :yikes:

Are there going to be variants like a gold star that says, “Game Hint 2010” for reading the entire game hint thread?