ChiefDelphi Widget

Hey guys, I’ve thrown together a simple CD widget for Mac OSX and I’d like you guys to test it out.

I do have some problems with it now, such as the recent threads show up out of order.

Download (ctrl click and download to desktop)

I do have the source code for those who want to look at it to help me out.

I gave it a spin on my Dashboard. I can’t say I would use it (as I both check CD religiously during the day and keep my Dashboard widgets to an absolute minimum), but it looks pretty good for folks who might not check CD as often.

Looks pretty nice. I would first add an icon to it, or something of the sort, to make it look a little more glossy in the style of most widgets. Second, you might want to add some configurability for what updates are shown (just like the portal can be configured). Third, maybe add a click-to-remove option so that anything you’ve already seen disappears so you only see new updates. Finally, if you do the last one you might want to put some sort of new message count on it. Nice job!

Very cool. If you need anything on my end, for for improvements or added functionality, let me know.

I’m working on visual modifications right now, and I’m going to talk to some people about updating the Javascript behind it. Right now it will be a simple RSS reader, but in the future we can add more.

BTW, v. 1.1 release will come in a bit when I modify the Javascript. The new release will include improved graphics.

Can someone tell me what this is supposed to do, and perhaps post some screenshots.

I’d test it, but I use windows.

Right now, it’s a simple application run in the background that retrieves the lastest CD forum topics by reply. Pics soon.

I’m guessing a “widget”'s counterpart in windows is an “active desktop item”.

I have one from NASA that shows where all the satellites are in the sky.

I got it a long time ago though, sorry everybody, I have no idea where you can download it. :o


<maczealot>There are some parallels, but Dashboard widgets are cooler. ;)</maczealot>

Here is about as much information as you really need on Dashboard. I love it, especially since I got wise and realized that it’s unwise to have a bajillion of them that I never use.

Hey How did you get Dashcode. Do you have a macbook?

I got it from :wink:

Probably the closest thing the Widgest for Windows would be Konfabulator or Yahoo! Widgets (whatever they call it now).

CDWidget v1.1 Live

-CD Search built in
-Last 15 threads shown
-Looks better!

-List of threads is backwards, fix in JS next release
-Names on back out of line, fix next release
-Brandon Martus, Not Martust, update next release

I’m also submitting this to Apple’s Widget page.

very nice…now i kinda wish i had a mac…only a little bit…still holdin out for a MacTablet

ps doesnt that sound like a McDonalds Item…Ya ill have a MacTablet with fries and a large Coke

Very nice Joe! Yeah, there aren’t a lot of options in terms of configuration, but it is pretty hard to condense something as large and all-encompassing as the CD forums. Great work, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

a few questions about yahoo widgets for anybody who has it. Does it mod the windows kernal or is it a standalone program that just looks cool?

why do they make it for OS X?

Yahoo! Widgets is a standalone program.

As far as why they make it (I believe you’re referring to Yahoo! Widgets) for OS X, I’m not sure. Probably just a feeble attempt to expand their marketshare. Why anyone would use that when they have Dashboard (which is what the widget by the OP is made for) is beyond me.

How does the AJAX work with Dashcode? The GUI editor looks pretty standard, but how is the code implemented?

Konfabulator is available for 10.3, while Dashboard is only for 10.4

As for the editor, it works pretty well, it’s similar (very) to Dreamweaver or Frontpage. What’s similar is that the GUI is stored in HTML format, and the JS end is held in a seperate file (along with CSS). The app loads the basic HTML that then references back to the JS file for actions. I guess there are three layers to a Widget: CSS, HTML, then JS.

One suggestion is to make the widget wider so the whole title of the thread shows up or make the title font size flexible so it fits the width of the window