China is getting a regional competition in 2023 (no they aren't, i was wrong)

I just noticed this on TBA - China has a regional competition next season. It seems to be the first one they’ve had.

This looks like good things (mind my geopolitical nerdiness for one second) for US-China relations, and it’s nice to see more people getting to experience the things that we love and the things that changed my (and I’m sure many others’) lives.

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Aren’t they all cancelled?

China has already had events I’m pretty sure.

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Unless things have changed since this blog post, this sadly will not be happening next year:

I hope things can improve over the next few years to the point where Chinese teams can rebuild FRC in their country, or FIRST sets up a China branch to manage the program there.

They’ve had events, just not a regional competition. This is the first ne with that name.

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That’s sad. I think it’s great that China has FRC. I think its great that anyone has FRC.


I’m 2020 there were two regionals scheduled in Beijing though obviously due to covid they were cancelled: Beijing Cultural Exchange Event #1 (Cancelled) 2020 and Beijing Cultural Exchange Event #2 (Cancelled) 2020

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Was there not a Shanghai regional as far back as 2018?..


They held regionals for a few years before COVID. I attended the Shenzhen Regional back in like 2017 IIRC.


Were these standard FRC regionals? Or closer to an offseason or a district event? Or a conference + a competition? Just curious

Regionals. You can tell by the dates.


Those were going to be regionals. I had teams signed up to attend there.

Bit of an old thread to dig up but I figured this was relevant if the given Ministry of Education (MOE) requirements were still as restrictive as they were in 2018-ish. It seems that these requirements make it quite difficult to host any official regional competitions.

Seeing as a regional was slated for China this year though in Hangzhou, I would hope this no longer is keeping HQ from coordinating regional competitions in China. The more pressing factor currently is COVID and how the government is trying to handle that. It’s even cited in the brief thread started just this past spring.

I know COVID restrictions there have only just began to loosen up, if at that. It will be interesting to see how the next couple months play out as someone who is hoping to see relatives next summer, barring the quarantine period (10 days) being as strict as it is right now.

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The combination of their strict zero-COVID policy and the incredible amount of protests due to their policy is probably a pretty big factor.

Well, the lastest news we got from chinese organizing committee is still no. We’ve lost our regular season for too many years but still in 2023. :sob: :sob: :sob:

i didn’t realize lol

As someone who’s rookie year was Sep 2020 from a Shanghainese team, I haven’t participated in any regular season regional competition yet…
So now I study in the US I choose to be volunteer in some regional events in the US and also the World Champ. Just do something to avoid being separated by the community😭


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