This message goes out to all the international teams in FRIST. We have a Chinese exchange student on our team this year. She is interested in starting an FRC team in China next year. We have already spoken with some adult representatives from China about this and they are excited to make it happen. The only problem is, we can help then “start a team”, but none of us have any idea on how to do this internationally. So if you could post any ideas, concerns, obstacles, problems, or anything else that might help in any way. I want anything and everything. I am hoping to take your ideas and everything you learned and to apply them to China. The sooner we get the ball rolling the better. If you do not mind please give me your e-mail so I can add it to my international group list.

Shawn Hardina
Team 60 and future Team China

This is very interesting. Have you contacted FIRST about this yet? If so, what did they say? I think the first thing you should do is contact FIRST if you have not, and see what they say about this.

this is really cool!! i hope that something can be done…

what city would this be in???
talking to FIRST of course is a big thing and having the right support…and what about competition???

FRC, FLL or VEX heading over there would be really really great…

there is really a lot to be done to get the ball rolling and i hope it become a sucess…plz update the cd community at times… i really would love to see it happen…

Ok man! GAME OVER! GAME OVER! Looks like we’ll have another sub-100 team win Chairmans next year. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard that a team started a FIRST Singapore, so you might want to do a Chiefdelphi search and drop them a line.

WOW AWESOME !!! This year our team actually mentored 2 teams for singapore(spelling). We mentored them as VEX teams. If you need help getting it started check out our site we have some infor on it.

Our school had a Spanish foreign exchange student for the whole year… He joined F.I.R.S.T. and when he goes home he is gonna try to start a team for next year… I heard talks of him meeting with other exchange students and possibly starting a few teams… Not sure how true this is though…

Our 2004 team had an exchange student from Korea (I think it was South, but I’m not completely sure). We had plans to send the robot over there for a demo and maybe start a team. He had so much fun on our team! He was sad to go back because he wouldn’t have a robotics team.

The FIRST program in Singapore is much smaller, more on a VEX Robotics level, and is done in conjunction with their local science center. Look into that. If the team has limited funds, try starting out with the VEX program and working your way up. Otherwise, you may choose to go directly into the large FRC program. Consider contacting FIRST, their relations people can probably help out. Also you may want to contact the Western Region director, Jim Beck, for help.

If I can be of any assistance, I’m bilingual in Mandarin and English, let me know.

I would suggest getting in touch with local colleges as well. I know Bridgewater State has as number of professors that come from overseas. I personally know at least one professor who has traveled the whole UMass circuit who comes from Korea. I personally more then willing to help, knowing a number of students on the international level. Let me know. Thanks.

Yours in FIRST,
Leon O. Machado IV

We have been working with a team in Mexico.
The BIGGEST problem we have had to deal with is shipping. Their crate of parts gets held up for weeks in customs. I think this year, FIRST is going to work with Microchip’s shipping department and maybe this year they will get their parts on time.

If a foriegn team wants to buy appor\roved parts, shipping is again a problem. In Mexico, they had a real hard time getting PVC parts to build tetras! Many parts that we use are English measurement, not metric which are far more common in the rest of the world.

We do a lot of our communications via email.

Encourge them to join us. encourage, encourage…


Yes, **Team 341 ** mentored two teams from Singapore for the FIRST Vex Challenge. We sent a student over there to meet with them prior to Atlanta and then they came here for the competition.

The cool thing was that they combined to win the FIRST Vex Challenge Award. This was the highest honor you could win at the Vex competition.

Congratulations teams **FVC 46 ** and FVC 52. We are very proud of you both!!

Starting an international team does not mean that a team will win the Chairmans award. You have to have an outstanding program in many areas. Many teams start and mentor new teams, but many of those teams do not even win the rgional chairman’s award. But I do commend any team that helps start an international team and mentor them. Outstanding work so far and I hope this becomes a reality.

I think its quite possible, but at the same time quite expensive. Shipping is certainly an issue since customs like to check what is inside the container. The bes thing to do in this case would be to contact FIRST, they can get in contact with fedex who can help you out with the shipping. Parts are not an issue, especially in china since the industrial sector is so huge. You will definately find parts both in english and metric units, cheaper in most cases. My best advice would be to get in contact with the team in England. They have been doing this for quite sometime and have been doing it successfully.
Good luck.