Chip Motor Gear

What type of metal is that 44T 36DP Gear we got?

The metal of the gear that mates with the Chiaphua gear is
“FX-2008-90HT copper infiltrated steel heat treated to Ra 68”

A friend looked up the spec. It has a Min Ultimate of 90,000psi.

Hope this helps.

Joe J.

A lot has been said on other posts about the specs for this gear but I cannot find the pressure angle mentioned anywhere for the smaller 32 pitch portion. Past descriptions describe it as a “standard” 32 P gear. Would that be the 20 degree or the 14.5 degree standard. It visually appears to me to be closer to the 14.5 degree involute.

Does anyone know for sure?


From Update #2:

“The smaller (16 teeth) gear of the cluster pair is a standard 20-degree pressure angle, 32 diametral pitch configuration, and may be mated with other 32 pitch standard gears.”


while were on the subject my mentors want me to verify that the gear can be run on a shaft without some sort of bearings attached to it.

Is this right? I think I remember hearing someone mention it has brass in it? Or some kind of self lubrication, or alternative.

Not sure really, I dont know much about this.

Thanks Joe…

and To Jordan,

I’d highly recommend you mount the gear on a shaft that rides on bearings and lubricate the gears

5000 rpm can produce alot of shrapnel

You don’t want to picking your grears off the floor