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Which Is Your Team Using?

Where is the “all of the above” option?

Tank treads

2791’s looking at the 2008 KoP wheels with varying combinations of roughtop tread riveted on it. Performance Wheels would be great, but they cost a lot.

Haha, I’d like to see that kind of drivetrain!

You forgot omni-directional wheels...

We will be using 3 different wheels. “Stick”, Omni, and “Slick” with roughtop treading.

We are using 4" plaction wheels this year. The shear amount of traction, and the fact that we had a good experience with them during the off season made us choose them.

6" plactions with wedgetop or blue nitrile roughtop depending on how final testing goes.

We use a 8.5"x2" Bead-LOK wheels skyway wheels sells, we then grind them down to about 6-6.5"x2". They have tons of grip, and we have yet lost one due to competition, we had a nasty hub crack in 2006 but kept going on the hub. they sell 5 different sizes ( 8.5x2, 9x2, 9x3, 10x3 and 10.5x3) also your choice of hub type. We have been using these tires since 2002 and have been really happy with them. < FIRST discount

We’re not going to any Canadian competitions this year. Sorry.

Tank tracks. Oorah.

same here!

What, no spiderlegs?

Team 178 is using mecanum wheels from AndyMark, with the BaneBots P80 12:1 gearboxes.

Click this link to see a video of our week 1 prototype.

We’re levitating our robot by building it in the shape of a pyramid :wink:

4x 1.5"x6" IFI (now “VEXPro”) wheels with roughtop tread, plus 4x 6" AM kitbot wheels, probably the 2008’s on our game robot and 2007’s on our practice bot.