Choose the FIRST Anthem?

so i was helpin out at the Boston Regional this weekend and i heard the two songs that were made about FIRST…i was thuroughly amuzed and got the idea to want to play those songs live at nationals with students on robotics teams…personally i want nerds to do it :stuck_out_tongue: me being one myself (unofficially official lol) unfortunately idk if im goin to make it to nationals…but i think it would be cool if we could get a band of nerds to play the FIRST songs…if any of the nerds know how to play drums, bass, and guitar…and sing too…let me know cause i wanna go up and rock out!!!


Nothing like spelling out FIRST in the middle of the field… Yea I got to be the “T” That was amusing, as well as the giant chicken dance turned mosh pit esque field reset crew dance time… That was amusing. Field reset people really have the most fun at one of these events.

Edit: Oh and while I am sure FIRST loves the song if I hear it anymore any time soon I think I might run and hide… There is only so many times you can hear FIRST spelled out. /Edit

yes! i couldn’t stand that by the awards and guess what played atleast 6 times for finalists, winners! the song. only play it so many times is good enough…

ha ha ha i agree…they need to make it a full song instead of a 1.5 minute or so loop. i cant wait until the songs are available to download…although by then we will probably kill anyone that plays them lol.



Can I choose “neither”? It seems to be trying way to hard, with the second one sounds way too much like Global Guts theme song, only with more lyrics. Can we get Blue Man Group to create one? :wink:

Your thoughts?

I heard BOTH of the newly-released FIRST songs at the Boston Regional.

I can fully understand the FIRST organization wanting or needing to create their own music for both an “identity” plus i suspect that royalties are being paid to play the official FIRST playlist at a public venue each time.

Therefore, why don’t we suggest to Dean that he contract with several music houses to come-up with FIRST songs that sound MOST LIKE …(fill-in your favorite song).

By the way, I did indeed see people inthe stands lip-syncing the new FIRST tunes even after only hearing them played once or twice…are they “catchy”…?

I voted for Number 2. It sounds like the Outback steakhouse song.

There are lots of “catchy” songs, but it doesn’t mean they represent FIRST well, or at all. I say talk to a good geek band (BMG, Weird Al, etc) and see if you can create something cool.

I think they both pretty much aren’t very good at all.

I wouldn’t mind a Blue Man Group song. :smiley: Truthfully, if there was a neither, I would have chosen it mainly because by limiting FIRST to a single anthem is kinda silly and…I didn’t really like either one. I chose the second primarily because it sounded a little heavier in the bass.

Oh and contract directly with a band rather than a music house. It would be a lot cheaper and easier, plus you wouldn’t get rootkits installed on your computer if you tried to play the CD. :wink:

I’m pretty sure that Hanson could come up with a good FIRST song.

Grady, what do you think? :wink:

this thread about the new FIRST songs should be tied-int the following thread about “popular” songs

F to the I to the R to the S to the T? OMG.

Seriously, this is really bad. That said, I voted for number 2, because, uh, see above.


Oh, but number 2 had…

The kings and queens of the lab-ra-tor-y”

Personally, I’d vote for Mark Mothersbaugh doing the anthem…

When I first listened to these songs, I wasn’t really liking either of them. After listening to them a couple times I came to the conclusion that Song 1 sounded like it would be good in a commercial or promo video for FIRST and Song 2 sounded like they were trying to rip of Weezer. Since there wasn’t a “neither” option I decided to vote for Song 1 because it seems like it could be used better then Song 2.

Anyone else recall this one from the early 80’s? The original lyric is quintessentially geeky. The instrumental line might make a good FIRST anthem if the lyric could be reworked.

(Tim Worman - Phil Bloomberg)
THE POLECATS (MERCURY 6059.588, 1982)

A sweet romance is not for me
I need electricity
If you wanna make me flip
Hit me with a micro chip

I’ll be a diode, cathode, electrode
Overload, generator, oscillator
Make a circuit with me

Just plug in and go-go-go
I’ll be a human dynamo
Signals in my power cord
Impuls on my circuit board

I’m an AC/DC man
You can read my circuit diagram
I feed on electric jolts
I need fifty-thousand volts

A sweet romance is not for me
I really need electricity
If you wanna make me flip
Come on and hit me with a micro chip

I’m an AC/DC man
You can read my circuit diagram
I feed on electric jolts
I need fifty-thousand volts

I have to say I’m a little SHOCKED by these. Was this the best FIRST could come up with?
Why didn’t they ask students/mentors to maybe work together to come up with lyrics for a possible theme song!
SCARY! I voted for the first one, because, it’s less…pre-school?

So these are going to be a permanent fixture at FIRST events…


Wow… who came up with these? They are REALLY cheesey. Do we really need a song?

What happened to all FIRST music being unnamed techno? That’s what it should be, or written by Styx.

I felt obligated to vote so I voted for Number 2 cause I actually sat through that one.

<old school>I’m sorry, the only one that should be allowed to do a FIRST song is Off Kilter. Period.</old school>

Do we have to choose an anthem? I would rather have a whole CD full of FIRST songs, if that’s where we’re going.

If we can get Will Smith to do a 30-second bit, then I’m sure we could find a bunch of bands to do something instead of choosing one, you know?