Choosing accuators

Hi folks -
We have never used pneumatics but I want to order from Bimba to get our 3 free. We are ordering 2 short ones just in case we go for shifters. I’m trying to figure out another medium capacity pair that would be useful in many applications. Does anyone have a recommendation. Sorry, I know it is a general question but we want a pair so we can prototype and use in the future.

What do you think? Any recommendations?

Thanks for your help.

Pretty much all sizes are useful. I would get ones with magnets just in case you need it later. Also, if you think you might need to buy more later choose ones that will make it cheaper to buy the rest later on.

We use a lot of 3/4in cylinders for light-duty applications and 1-1/4in cylinders for heavy duty stuff.

We’ve seemed to re-use a bunch of 3/4in bore x 5in stroke cylinders a number of times.

Take that for what it’s worth: really loose guidance from a team that probably designs things a bit different from your team. :wink: