Choosing Autonomous via SmartDashboard

What my team is trying to accomplish is choosing from our several autonomous modes through the smart dashboard. But the problems that I run into are that I cannot find a function to do so in LabView, as well as only being able to open the default dashboard, and I cannot put any buttons in there.

Since this is in the Labview forum, I will assume what you need is a custom Labview Dashboard. Take a look at Tutorial 6 from the Labview Welcome Screen. That will get you some fundamentals.

You can then look at our code uploaded here:

which includes our Dashboard code. There is a play picker in that code.

Making a custom dashboard is a fine thing to do, but even the default dashboard supports auto picking.

Begin publishes an array of named auto strings. The dashboard shows those in the white ring below the gyro gauge. The Auto VI reads the selector and it is wired to a case statement.

Greg McKaskle