Choosing Your Feeder Station

Hi! We were wondering whether there were specific roles assigned to each team in the alliance. More specifically, Do we get to pick our own feeder station? Or are we assigned one station?

Feeder stations aren’t assigned to teams. It is your job to collaborate with your alliance members as to whom will be where in the match.

Unless your robot is designed to prefer a specific feeder station I recommend going with the station closest to your driver. If you’re in the middle it doesn’t matter. Also take into consideration if the opposing alliance plays heavy defense. Remember, the left feeder station is unprotected.

Or you could go the 1114 route, and have your feeder sprint to whichever station their robot was at.

Late in eliminations they started having the 2056 feeder feed 1114 when their bot showed up on the “wrong” side.

I’m going to go ahead and assume this was pre-arranged, either before the eliminations or even during the build season. I’m assuming that someone on 1114 taught 2056’s human player how to properly feed BA Baracus.

You would think so, yet their early elimination matches, and their qual match together had the 1114 feeder running back and forth.

I would say that’s probably a safe assumption, since they share a practice facility, and have won 12 regionals together now, and planned to play at the same 3 regionals together this year. I’m sure they knew the likelihood they’d be playing together in Elims at least once was near certain. (The ones they didn’t win together are the 2011 GTRs, 2011 FLR and 2009 WAT)

For anyone who’s interested (I haven’t seen this published anywhere), Driver’s Station 3 is the one next to the Loading Zone. Might be a helpful thing to remember when you get your schedule.

I think it’s worth noting that the years they didn’t win together (other than Waterloo 2012) they weren’t even at the same events.

2012 GTR W

Please do not start an 1114/2056 discussion in this thread.

I’ve seen human players move to all three stations in the same match. Human players are not assigned spots.

Have teams had their HP follow their own robot to the feeder station, or are they all playing a “zone” feed? At our first event, they more or less stayed at a particular station, but I can see value in having our HP meet the robot at which ever station the robot goes to. I can see problems with that too. How are others handling it??