Chop Shop 166 Code Release

Below is a link leading to the code repository for team 166: Chop Shop, which contains all of our code from 2010-2015. Three years ago, we switched from using C++ with our own custom framework to using Java with the Command Based Robot system. We have been very happy with this decision, and our ability to create complex control systems for our robots has been greatly improved.

This year, our robot was best at the landfill, where we could pick up and stack 4 totes in addition to capping stacks of 4 with a pneumatic claw that grabbed RCs. Our two lifts moved independently, which allowed us to cap others’ stacks as well as our own. We used mecanum drive to allow for strafing capabilities. We also added a can-burglar (Affectionately named the “Jank Shank”) for later competitions.

Here are some things from the 2015 code that I think are pretty cool.
-Automated build testing
-A modified PID Speed Controller Class that allows us to add and modify functions within the class to suit our needs
-Automatic 2 tote stacking command using Infrared Sensors
-Uses gyro and encoder input to control the yaw and translation of the robot by ensuring that the output of all wheels is the same as the desired input

If you have any questions regarding anything in our repository, please do not hesitate to ask! :]