Chop Shop Sign In

Team 166, the Chop Shop, would like to present our sign in app!

For almost a decade we’ve been using a sign in app written in C# that synchronized data over Resilio Sync. While this worked, we felt that there were a lot of features missing. And thus began the Web Sign In project.

Major features include:

  • Web-based - Users can access their information from anywhere, including mobile devices
  • User accounts - Students can log in and see their own hours, while mentors can access information about all students
  • Event-based - Create recurring or one-off events in one of four categories (Training, Build, Fundraiser, Competition) and gather information on event categories. This also means that you can require students to sign in even away from the shop!
  • QR Code Sign In - Since the previous system used QR codes with the student’s name embedded in them, this can read those as well as a hashed version for authentication. Because the sign in can be accessed from phones, students are less likely to lose their code!
  • Subteam Powered - Group students into subteams to narrow down searches
  • Badges - Has a built in “merit badge” system. This allows tracking (and querying) information such as who has passed a safety training, who is on the drive team, or even (with a hidden badge) who has turned in all their paperwork!
  • Protected - Only mentor accounts are able to run the sign in page for a given event, to avoid tampering

An example of the mobile view main screen:

And an example of a profile screen:

We plan on continuing development by improving the theme, making it easier to override components for other teams.

(Yes this post is inspired by another team releasing their sign in. I figured it was as good a time as any to show off what we have as well)